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Frankenstorm: Category 8

by Ray Garton

The Fear Is Spreading

In the third thrilling installment of Ray Garton's six-part Frankenstorm, a biological weapon is accidentally released during a killer hurricane—and one desperate woman is about to spread...

Frankenstorm: Survivors

by Ray Garton

There are things worse than death. . .

In the sixth and final installment of Ray Garton's Frankenstorm, a devastated California community must fight for their lives—or fall prey to a bio-engineered nightmare...

Frankenstorm: Hurricane Quentin

by Ray Garton

Terror Hits The Fan

In the second shocking installment of Ray Garton's six-part Frankenstorm, a natural disaster sets off a deadly chain reaction of fear, panic, paranoia—and uncontrollable rage—in the ultimate...

Frankenstorm: Deranged

by Ray Garton

Women And Children First

In the fourth shattering installment of Ray Garton's six-part Frankenstorm, an outbreak of madness, mayhem, and murder has every man, woman and child running for shelter. But home is...

Frankenstorm: Chaos Theory

by Ray Garton

Breaking The Laws Of Nature

In the fifth explosive installment of Ray Garton's six-part Frankenstorm, an insidious man-made enemy wages war on our biology, humanity, and last shred of sanity. . .




by Ray Garton

"Remember when paperback originals were cool? Sex, action, suspense? Try FRANKENSTORM. It's old school." -Stephen King

A storm of epic proportions is brewing off the coast of northern California. Residents have...