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Ego and the Spiritual Self: A Path to Awarness

by Rebecca Lilly

Each of us has a voice within that always speaks the truth. To be in touch with that voice is to know your own deepest self. To live joyously is to live out of that self, the real you, the living eternal awareness....

The Insights of Higher Awareness: Understanding Spiritual Truth

by Rebecca Lilly

The Insights of Higher Awareness offers in-depth, but concise, explanations of essential spiritual truths thought to be common to all religions and spirit- ual paths, as well as practical guidance on spiritual...

Shadwell Hills

by Rebecca Lilly

The art of the haiku, evolving out of centuries-old traditions and syllabic conventions, is a form of Japanese lyric poetry which demands sure-footed control and, at the same time, light-winged delicacy from...