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William Cox

by Richard Cox

William Cox (1764-1837) was a soldier, road builder, and pioneering pastoralist in the colony of New South Wales. He made his name building the road across the Blue Mountains in 1814. In just over six months,...

The God Particle: A Novel

by Richard Cox

There is a divine spark within us all.

In one man, that spark is about to explode.

American businessman Steve Keeley is hurtled three stories to the cold cobblestone street in Zurich. In the days that follow,...


by Richard Cox

In an age where reality and science fiction are colliding, Richard Cox’s extraordinary debut thriller takes its place as an all-too-believable novel of white-knuckle adventure. For when an ordinary man makes...

Thomas World

by Richard Cox

Thomas Phillips knows he's losing his mind. He's been losing it for as long as he can remember. And yet, when a strange old man asks him to consider that he, out of everyone in the world, knows the real truth,...

Try It Sometime

by Richard Cox

John Claybourn: Portrait of a youth in search of self and love. A succession of jobs, a succession of women, nameless and known, aberrant, grasping... then Norma Goodwin, and a glimpse of happiness... and the...