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The Politically Correct Bible

by Robert M. Price & Carol Price

Liberal Protestants have produced a whole raft of "inclusive language" Bibles. But these scriptures don't come near to making the Bible acceptable to the leftist sensibilities of Liberal Christians. What would...

The New Lovecraft Circle

by Robert M. Price

H. P. Lovecraft was the eerily prescient genius who first electrified readers in Weird Tales magazine. His tales changed the face of horror forever and inspired the bloodcurdling offerings of a new generation....

The Needletoe Letters

by Robert M. Price

C.S. Lewis' classic The Screwtape Letters is full of keen wit and wise counsel–if one is a Christian believer. Such a reader will find much to ponder in its pages. But suppose one begins to question whether...

The Sage of Aquarius: A Centennial Study of the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

by Robert M. Price

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi Dowling is surely the most detailed, intricate, compelling and impressive of all the modern gospels written to update scripture and to reveal spiritual truth for...

Killing History: Jesus In The No-Spin Zone

by Robert M. Price

Killing Jesus, the bestselling blockbuster by Bill O'Reilly, claims to be a purely historical account of the events in the life of Jesus leading up to his crucifixion. New Testament scholar Robert M. Price (a...

Beyond the Mountains of Madness

by Robert M. Price, Glynn Owen Barrass & Sr., Joseph S. Pulver

Antarctica... a frozen wasteland of penguins, blinding ice and snow, and blizzards to kill the unprepared in minutes. But it is an ancient land, with ancient secrets, mysteries that humanity is only beginning...

Biblical Buddhism: Tales and Sermons of Saint Iodasaph

by Robert M. Price & Lenny Blottin

Medieval Churchmen heard the legend of Prince Siddhartha (the "Bodhisattva," or "Buddha-to-be") renouncing his wealth and seeking salvation as a monk, but they mistook it for the history of some Christian monk...

Paul: The Lost Epistles

by Robert M. Price & Lenny Blottin

Have you ever wondered what the Apostle Paul might have said about some vital topic not mentioned in his letters? Have you wished he had clarified his views on this or that? Suppose someone discovered a cache...