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Moments with Angels: Spectacular Encounters with Heavenly Messengers

by Robert Strand

Suddenly, there are angels everywhere, or so we think. But haven't they been with mankind a long time? These creatures who transcend time bring groceries to a snowbound family, and leave no footprints. In Moments...

Moments for Grandparents: Thoughts of Love Which Span the Generations

by Robert Strand

The Moments for Grandparents, the all-important relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is explored in full bloom. From a wise explantation of life after death, to a girl's surprising discoveries...

Moments for Friends: Memorable Snapshots for a Timeless Relationship

by Robert Strand

In Moments for Friends, enjoy 30 touching stories from a most important relationship. The perfect gift for that someone from long ago, or a new friend.

Moments for Teens: Relevant Illustrations for an Exciting Generation

by Robert Strand

Moments for Teens captures that spirit of hope and is a strong reminder for those who are young that God is close to them, always, and within easy reach when the first steps into adulthood are looming.

Moments for Pastors: Inspirational Illustrations That Will Comfort and Uplift the Shepherd

by Robert Strand

In Moments for Pastors, Robert Strand - a pastor himself - brings together a collection of 30 memorable stories for those who follow the motivation for pastors who couldn't serve anywhere else and be happy....

Moments for Teachers: Heartwarming Illustrations from Classrooms Past and Present

by Robert Strand

The inspirational stories contained in Moments for Teachers recall the pages of pure gold and silver that are tucked away in the memories of those who make real differences in the lives of children.

Moments for Christmas: Uplifting Reflections on the True Meaning of Christmas

by Robert Strand

It is in that spirit that Moments for Christmas welcomes the reader into a warm set of thirty stories that will uplift and delight, capturing the goodness of Jesus on its pages. From modern-day tales to those...

Moments for Each Other: Warm Remembrances of Your Time Together

by Robert Strand

The thirty stories contained in this book explore the power of staying together in the face of adversity. They are sometimes poignant, sometimes funny...always inspiring. Any couple knows the frustration of...

Moments for Graduates: Compelling Challenges for Life's Journey

by Robert Strand


Moments for Graduates provides a look at true success stories (and some failures), ripe with humor and practical advice. Inspiring and compelling challenges for life's journey will appeal to graduates of...

Moments for Mothers: Thoughtful Reflections to Warm Her Heart

by Robert Strand

This series of brief stories, quotes, and Scripture illustrates the depth of a mother's love in a powerful way. Collected expressly for all, from the newly-expectant mother to the most seasoned grandma, these...

Moments for Sisters: Unforgettable Memories from the Bonds of Love

by Robert Strand

Sisters are forever, and the 30 beautiful stories in Moments for Sisters reinforce the feeling that a female sibling never lets go, no matter the circumstances. Distances don't matter, and years don't matter....

Moments for Fathers: Positive Reflections to Strengthen His Spirit

by Robert Strand

Are the qualities of fatherhood fading in the twilight of our hectic century, or are they still timeless and vital? The stories in this volume reinforce what fathers are, revealing the lives of famous men, and...

365 Fascinating Facts about Jesus

by Robert Strand

From over 100 sources, popular gift book author Robert Strand has compiled both common and little-known facts about Jesus Christ. The Jesus that Strand uncovers is definitely the Christ of the Gospels, and the...