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Treating Severe Depressive and Persecutory Anxiety States: To Transform the Unbearable

by Robert Waska

This book serves two purposes. First, it provides the psychoanalyst or psychotherapist with a more flexible method of practicing psychoanalysis. This is the clinical approach of "analytic contact", a technical...

Love, Hate and Knowledge: The Kleinian Method and the Future of Psychoanalysis

by Robert Waska

This book introduces the clinical concept of analytic contact. This is a term that describes the therapeutic method of investigation that makes up psychoanalytic treatment. The field has been in debate for decades...

The Danger of Change: The Kleinian Approach with Patients Who Experience Progress as Trauma

by Robert Waska

Confusing clinical standoffs, loyalty to self-destruction and abrupt terminations are challenging and under-examined problems for the modern psychoanalytic practitioner. The Danger of Change is a timely book...

A Practical Casebook of Time-Limited Psychoanalytic Work: A Modern Kleinian approach

by Robert Waska

Modern Kleinian Therapy is a model of effective psychoanalytic work that offers relief to deep internal conflicts by establishing and maintaining analytic contact, and beginning to unravel, modify, and heal...

The Total Transference and the Complete Counter-Transference: The Kleinian Psychoanalytic Approach with More Disturbed Patients

by Robert Waska

This volume shows the therapeutic power the modern Kleinian psychoanalytic approach can have with patients throughout the diagnostic spectrum. By attending to the interpersonal, transactional, and intra-psychic...

The Modern Kleinian Approach to Psychoanalytic Technique: Clinical Illustrations

by Robert Waska

Robert Waska introduces a groundbreaking view of modern Kleinian psychoanalytic work applied to a wide spectrum of patients. The contemporary Kleinian approach of Analytic Contact redefines psychoanalytic psychotherapy...

Primitive Experiences of Loss: Working with the Paranoid-Schizoid Patient

by Robert Waska

Taking as his starting point Melanie Klein's concept of the paranoid-schizoid position, and succinctly reviewing subsequent developments within the Kleinian perspective, Robert T. Waska formulates a distinctive...