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House by the Fjord

by Rosalind Laker

A touching and atmospheric love story - When Anna Harvik travels to Norway in 1946 in order to visit the family of her late husband, the country is only just recovering from five cruel years of Nazi occupation....

To Dream of Snow

by Rosalind Laker

A sumptuous historical novel set in pre-Revolutionary Russia and Paris -Marguerite Laurent is summoned to the Imperial Court of Empress Elizabeth to work as the Empress's personal embroiderer. The journey is...

Garlands of Gold

by Rosalind Laker

From a best-selling author - 17th-century Rotterdam. Young Saskia is ladys maid to wealthy merchants wife Vrouw Gibbons, but her talent for manufacturing beautifying face balms far exceeds her lowly status....

The Golden Tulip: A Novel

by Rosalind Laker

Francesca’s father is a well-known painter in the bustling port city of Amsterdam; he is also a gambler. Though their household is in economic chaos, thankfully the lessons she learned in his studio have prepared...


by Rosalind Laker

A captivating romance - Paris, 1894. - Lisette Decourt flees her home and attaches herself to travelling lanternist Daniel Shaw. Lisette is irresistibly attracted to the magnetic Englishman, and although Fate...

New World, New Love

by Rosalind Laker

Daniel Lombard falls in love with Louise de Vailly on the day she arrives in New York, a refugee from the French Revolution which has destroyed the lives of Louise, her sister Delphine and so many other French...

To Dance with Kings: A Novel

by Rosalind Laker

On a May morning in 1664, in the small village of Versailles, as hundreds of young aristocrats are coming to pay court to King Louis XIV, a peasant fan-maker gives birth to her first and only child, Marguerite....

The Venetian Mask: A Novel

by Rosalind Laker

Enduring friendships and long-held vendettas come alive against the splendor and decadence of eighteenth-century Venice.

In 1775 Venice–known to outsiders as “the brothel of Europe”–the tradition of mask-wearing...