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by Rose Publishing

You've heard about salvation. . .grace. . .and righteousness in the Book of Romans. But have you ever wondered what they really mean? Rose Publishing's Romans, a full-color ebook, covers these cornerstone concepts-and...

How We Got the Bible

by Rose Publishing

How We Got the Bible - increase your faith in the reliability of the Bible

Few stories in history are as amazing and as touching as the story of how the Bible was written and became the book we have today. How...


by Rose Publishing

What is Heaven like? Popular media portrays boring white clouds, but many verses in the Bible give hints of a wonderful place of joy, vitality, and restoration. Whether you are just wondering or know someone...

Christ in the Old Testament

by Rose Publishing


Christ in the Old Testament ebook explores the lives of 13 biblical people who """"prefigured"""" the Messiah. Throughout the Old Testament, God provided """"saviors"""" for the people of Israel who would foreshadow...

Life of Jesus

by Rose Publishing

Who is Jesus and how is he different from all other religious leaders? This question lies at the heart of the good news of Jesus Christ. In Life of Jesus, a 14-page full-color ebook, you'll see how Jesus and...

Life of the Apostle Paul

by Rose Publishing

Life of the Apostle Paul: 200 Key Facts at a Glance

The Life of the Apostle Paul contains hundreds of facts at a glance, including colorful maps of Paul's journeys, a time line of events, his letters and their...

Evidence for the Resurrection

by Rose Publishing

Evidence for the Resurrection - Answers to Skeptics Questions

People have been asking questions about Jesus ever since He left the earth -Was Jesus a real person? Is there legitimate evidence that he rose from...

Palm Sunday to Easter

by Rose Publishing

Go day-by-day through the week leading up to Jesus' resurrection and hour-by-hour leading up to his death on the cross. From Palm Sunday and his Triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the Last Supper From the arrest...

Pursuing Jesus

by Rose Publishing

Covers 15 basic areas of the Christian faith, using an "edgy" format perfect for younger believers. Written in nonreligious language for teens and young adults, Pursuing Jesus provides the encouragement and...

10 Q & A Magic, Spells, and Divination

by Rose Publishing

What does the Bible teach about various forms of the occult like magic and spells? The bestselling 10 Q & A on Magic, Spells & Divination pamphlet explains the attraction of the occult in today's society and...

What Christianity Has Done for the World 10pk

by Rose Publishing

A recent study concluded that Christianity's image is the United States is declining, especially among young people. Only 16% of non-Christians between the ages of 16 and 29 have a "good impression" of Christianity...

Tough Questions About Christianity

by Rose Publishing

This 14-page pamphlet is perfect for people who are questioning their faith or are skeptical about Christianity. This pamphlet answers many common but difficult objections to Christianity that may not be answered...

Answers to Evolution

by Rose Publishing

Middle school and high school students hear about the theory of evolution numerous times throughout their public educations. Science textbooks teach Darwinism virtually without question despite the growing lack...

Psalm 23

by Rose Publishing

Psalm 23 - The Beloved Psalm Brought To Life Psalm 23 has been read and cherished by countless generations and is considered the most popular psalm in the Bible. Easily read in 30 minutes or less, Psalm 23 is...


by Rose Publishing

The Queen Esther Pamphlet is an excellent overview of the story of Queen Esther in the Bible. Esther's story asks the important question: Where is God when things go wrong? It's easy to characterize Queen Esther...

Life of Joseph: God's Purposes in Suffering

by Rose Publishing

Is God really in charge? Where is he when everything goes wrong? The Life of Joseph shows how God can take misfortune and evil and turn it into great good. Joseph was betrayed by people close to him and had...

Dare to Love: 1 Corinthians 13

by Rose Publishing

Unlock the wisdom found in 1 Corinthians 13 The "Love Chapter" in the Bible is one of the most precious passages of all time. The kind of love portrayed in 1 Corinthians is true love, strong and determined-and...

Life of David

by Rose Publishing

This handy 14-page guide gives you the entire life of King David at a glance. From humble beginnings as a shepherd boy to king over Israel, David is one of the most beloved and impressive characters in the Bible....

The Easter Story

by Rose Publishing

The Easter Story tells the most dramatic story in history. This pamphlet is drawn directly from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and tells the story of Jesus from the Last Supper and Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane,...

Lord's Supper

by Rose Publishing

The Lord's Supper is something all Christians celebrate. But what does it mean? You will experience the Lord's Supper in a fresh way as you find out about the 7 key themes and 5 reasons Christians should make...