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Seasons of Bliss

by Ruth Glover

Two lovers are finally reunited, only to find that a promise made to another woman could tear them apart once more. Will love overcome?

A Place Called Bliss

by Ruth Glover

Two very different women in search of freedom and opportunity in the wilds of Canada find their destinies intertwined by a secret with the power to shatter their lives.

Journey to Bliss

by Ruth Glover

Lost love and a fearsome attack drive two young women to find hope in new lives in the Canadian frontier. Will they find peace and acceptance so far from home?

Bittersweet Bliss: A Novel

by Ruth Glover

Two pioneer women, as different as can be. Two secrets skillfully buried, but not forgotten. Two journeys to embrace the Bittersweet Bliss of the Canadian frontier.

With Love from Bliss

by Ruth Glover

A precocious orphan feels a family's love for the first time, yet is driven to revenge when a loved one tragically dies. Can she be stopped before it's too late?

Back Roads to Bliss: A Novel

by Ruth Glover

A grave error in judgment leads to a young woman's banishment from English society to the untamed frontier of Canada. Will she find the home her heart longs for?

A Place to Call Home: Book 6

by Ruth Glover

Lolly and Donald are at a crucial point in their lives. Each must weigh their personal plans against the will of the God they are learning to believe and trust. Can they risk giving up their own dreams to find...

The Shining Light: Book 1

by Ruth Glover

Life in the big city was comfortable for Worth and Abbie Roon. But as with so many others at the turn of the 19th century, the promise of land and a new life in the West was a shining light that beckoned, illuminating...