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White Lies

by Sara Wood

White lies and dark secrets!

Mandy Cook set out for Saint Lucia with high hopes of finding her family. She found Pascal St. Honoré, the handsome and impassioned son of the man who held the key to her search....

The Vengeful Groom

by Sara Wood

It's been ten years since Tina's testimony condemned Giovanni to prison, ten years since the auto accident that killed her sister…ten years since she'd been betrayed.

But the years have made Gio stronger and...

The Unexpected Mistress

by Sara Wood

She wanted to be more than just his mistress...

They are complete opposites. Cassian is gorgeous, wealthy—he exudes charisma and confidence. But Laura is penniless and painfully shy. Unexpectedly, Cassian finds...

Unchained Destinies

by Sara Wood


"I know your game and refuse to play it—in fact, you're going to play mine."

Mariann loved a challenge, but it seemed that no amount of quick thinking and fast talking could outwit ruthless publisher...

Threads of Destiny

by Sara Wood


"You made the mistake of trusting me…and now you're even more in my power than before!"

He'd appeared without warning, out of the mysterious beauty of a moonlit Hungarian night. Suzanne was spellbound,...

Temporary Parents

by Sara Wood

Back in his bed!Laura had sworn never to return to Cornwall, or to see her ex-lover, Max, again. But now here she was, cocooned in a tiny clifftop cottage with him, watching him play daddy to her small niece...

Tangled Destinies

by Sara Wood


"Perhaps I'm not your brother after all…"

Those words bewildered Tanya. How could István be anything else? Growing up with him in a Devonshire vicarage, she'd idolized him—until her discovery that he'd...

The Seduction Trap

by Sara Wood

An irresistible temptation!

Tessa came to France to visit her long-lost mother. Instead she found three cottages and Guy de Turaine, who clearly intended to charm her out of her mother's property! Well, his ploy...

Second-Best Bride

by Sara Wood


"Marry me now. Or I'll walk out of your life forever."

Claire Jardine's wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, but her whirlwind courtship had her reeling: who was the real Trader...

Scarlet Lady

by Sara Wood

The Hon. Leo and his Scarlet Lady!

Ginny loved her modeling career, just as she had always loved Leo Brandon. But a lost libel case bringing the Brandon name into disrepute meant the last straw for her marriage....

A Passionate Revenge

by Sara Wood

His vow of vengeance:

Vido Pascali could never forget his impoverished childhood—or Anna Willoughby's part in it. He would have revenge!

His settling of old scores:

Vido became a millionaire and bought Anna's...

The Italian's Demand

by Sara Wood

Vittore Mantezzini had finally found Lio, his beloved baby son, living with an aunt in London. He demanded he take the child back with him to Italy, but he didn't count on the strong bond between Lio and his...

The Italian Count's Command

by Sara Wood

Miranda still loves her estranged husband, Count Dante Severini, and she would do anything to be with him and their son. But Dante clearly hates her--treating her like an unfaithful gold digger...

Much as it...

In the Billionaire's Bed

by Sara Wood

He's bedded her...but will he wed her?

Catherine can't beleive her late landlady has left the manor to workaholic Zach Talent! He may be handsome, but he makes it perfectly clear that he wants Catherine off...

The Impatient Groom

by Sara Wood

Marrying in haste!

No sooner had Sophia Charlton discovered she was the descendant of an Italian count and heiress to a fortune than she was whisked away to Venice by the sultry Prince Rozzano di Barsini—having...

Husband by Arrangement

by Sara Wood

Maddy had agreed to meet her husband-byarrangement—but she had no intention of marrying him! Her plan was to pretend to be the very opposite of a suitable wife! Millionaire tycoon Dex Fitzgerald was relieved...

The Greek Millionaire's Marriage

by Sara Wood

Still pretending to be wed…but can they keep out of bed?

When his marriage to Olivia falls apart, Dimitri Angelaki is ready with a plan to keep his wife… Olivia asks for a divorce from the Greek tycoon,...

A Forbidden Seduction

by Sara Wood

Passion in Rebellion

The Colleoni family was bad news for Debbie. Her marriage to their son had turned out to be no marriage at all. Now she was alone, and fighting for her child's inheritance with his commanding...

For the Babies' Sakes

by Sara Wood

Helen was very much in love with her tall, handsome husband, Dan—but she'd caught him in flagrante with his secretary, and now their marriage was over. Actually, Dan had never betrayed her—Helen had got...

Expectant Mistress

by Sara Wood

Mistress…and mother!

Trish's body still tingled at the memory of her time with Adam four years ago, but he'd seemed more interested in dating glamorous women than settling down! Trish had vowed to forget him—until,...