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Building a Growth Factory

by Scott Anthony & David Duncan

Introducing the Four Components That Make Innovation Repeatable

Even the best-performing companies eventually stall. Sustaining momentum—and remaining a great growth company—takes a system.

Scott Anthony...

Seeing What's Next: Using the Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change

by Clayton M. Christensen & Scott Anthony

Every day, individuals take action based on how they believe innovation will change industries. Yet these beliefs are largely based on guesswork and incomplete data and lead to costly errors in judgment. Now,...

Silver Lining: Your Guide to Innovating in a Downturn

by Scott Anthony

Experts agree: The turbulence triggered by the economic shock of 2008 constitutes the "new normal." Unfortunately, too many managers have become paralyzed by it, capable only of slashing costs indiscriminately....

The Innovator's Guide to Growth: Putting Disruptive Innovation to Work

by Scott Anthony, Mark Johnson & Joseph Sinfield

More than a decade ago, Clayton Christensen's breakthrough book The Innovator's Dilemma illustrated how disruptive innovations drive industry transformation and market creation. Christensen's research demonstrated...