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by Sean O'Kane

In the distant history of the island of Alba, it was locked in a conflict with Eropia that was so catastrophic and so prolonged that the male population was decimated. This meant that the female population had...

Slave's Honour: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

Some of the best pony girl writing ever! Detailed and knowledgeable. We follow the rising fortunes of the CSL stable as the arenas increaingly go worldwide. The stakes get ever higher and the skill of the trainers...

The Prize: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

This is the third of Sean's 'Arena' series of stand-alone novels. The beautiful but treacherous Ayesha becomes the subject of a wager between the Prince of Bakhtar and his slave trainer. But in the course of...

Into the Arena: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

Tara is a modern girl; self confident, fit and a total thrill seeker. But a chance encounter with a mysterious Irishman throws her into confusion. He sweeps her off her feet like no other man has done before...

Bad Blood

by Francine Whittaker & Sean O'Kane

This is pretty well unique in the annals of SM erotica; a real-life sub and a real-life dom combining to write a novel! Somehow Francine and Sean made it work however. And the end result provides some interesting...

The Story of Emma

by Sean O'Kane

The Story of Emma has sold more copies than almost any other book we have ever published. Some years ago a bundle papers arrived at our offices which were the diaries of a lady named Emma Stewart. We were unable...

Taming the Brat

by Sean O'Kane

The immoveable object meets the irresistable force! Alan Masterson, a patriotic Englishman is challenged to tame the tempestuous American heiress, Laura Andreotti. The struggle that ensues is erotic in the extreme....

Church of Chains

by Sean O'Kane

Paula Cheever, an ambitipus young policewoman, takes on a dangerous take-out role and is abducted from the streets by a fundamentalist religious group set on cleaning up the city streets. She finds herself surrounded...

Girl Squad: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

The Arena novels all concern a movement that sets up arenas which use modern slavegirls in erotic combat to entertain the crowds. Each novel is a separate story and this one concerns two very different girls...

Degrees of Submission

by Sean O'Kane

Gorgeous girls grace every page of the hot new title from the best-selling erotic author around. And each girl has to come to terms with her sexuality in different ways - but they all have to acknowledge their...

Blonde Fury

by Sean O'Kane

Sophie is a girl who is running from her inheritance and her true nature. In the near future, when an autocratic government is introducing legalised slavery and the modern Arenas are thriving, she is the most...


by Sean O'Kane

The Dominant in a Dom/sub relationship takes his girl on a very unusual break. He has plans for her which will change her life completely and which will leave her more deeply submissive to him than she could...

The Dark

by Sean O'Kane & William Avon

Searing short stories by Sean O'Kane, William Avon and Emma Stewart make up this collection. In 'The Dungeon' we follow Jenny's first session with the Alchemist! All Sean's fans will love it! William Avon describes...

Bound for Glory

by Sean O'Kane

Anna Chatham's life is suddenly ripped apart and her catastrophic fall from fame and fortune to criminal takes only a few days. And in the Britain that she knows, some twenty years in the future, when a pretty...

Naked Ambition: An Arena Novel

by Sean O'Kane

There's a real twist in this tale! Angel sashayed onto the pages of Girl Squad and now she takes centre stage. Under her management the Girlsquad seem to flourish but is one of their squad members a bit more...

The Gladiator: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

With her training now behind her, Tara sets out on he new life in the modern arenas. At first she flourishes under the iron discipline she is subject to but slowly discontent sets in, especially when she learns...

Lost Property: An Arena Novel

by Sean O'Kane

For Kath Knowles a carpetting from her boss turns into something far more erotic than she had expected. But then she needed it to because she is not a typical civil servant, she is an undercover reporter sent...

Last Slave Standing: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

Storm clouds are gathering over the well regulated calm of the gladiator stables that form the new arenas. The owners have come up with a new game for the girls to compete in for the entertainment of the crowds;...