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Sex on the Last Train Home: A Mature Woman, Younger Man Erotic Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

A nineteen year old boy traveling home on the last train finds himself sitting in a carriage alone with a slightly drunk and horny older woman who has just enjoyed a night out. When the woman finds out he is...

A Woman's Lust

by Seth Daniels

Letitia Parker Wells, prompted by a story assignment about sex tourism for men, is looking for a sex resort that caters to the needs of females. She visits one of the most widely advertised resorts for singles...


by Seth Daniels

Traci's nineteenth birthday is just around the corner, and her Mom has promised to take her on a trip since Traci wasn't allowed to go to Europe with her friends for the summer. When Mom reneges on her birthday...

Me, My Wife & the Slutty Cheerleader: An Erotic Threesome Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

An older couple enjoying some naughty outdoor sex games in a local park are caught in action by a teenage girl. She seems turned on by what they are doing and adds to the fun by joining the couple and letting...

Secretary to Sex Slave: A Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

Emily is a 20 year old innocent college student, who finds herself getting a new job as a personal assistant/secretary who has an attraction to her boss. After getting jealous about her boss having a personal...


by Seth Daniels

Sam Harrell started every day with an erection, which was normal for a nineteen year old. It was harder to get it to stay down during the day because his fairly new stepmother was hot as the pits of hell. Sam...

And Daddy Makes Three 2: A Stepfather, Stepdaughter Threesome

by Seth Daniels

Carla has been having intensely hot threesomes with her best friend Elaine and her stepfather Matt. It's unbelievably great sex, but she can't help worrying about how the three of them fit each other's lives:...

Legal Brief: A Bdsm Sex Slave Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

Holly is a beautiful yet curvy legal assistant at a law firm. She has always done her job very well and is always on point. But when her boyfriend breaks up with her, her mind goes elsewhere. She made a mistake...


by Seth Daniels

Penny Reed had been born four months early and her body had never caught up, though her doctors said she would eventually. After making herself miserable about being at the beach for a month with her better...

Need: An Erotic BDSM Fantasy

by Seth Daniels & Caralyn Knight

Angela is type of woman that takes charge in every area of her life. The problem is that she doesn't want to be that woman, at least not in the bedroom. She needs someone else to take control, someone strong...

Manhunt: A Bdsm Dominatrix Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

Chloe is a mistress who is on the hunt for the perfect male slave. She had trained many and loved doing so, but her training days were done. She wanted a live in slave that knew the rules and the ropes. She...

Bondage Hostel: A Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

On a backpacking trip across Europe, a young woman gets chatting to an older man on a train. When he finds she is traveling to his home town he invites her to stay at his hostel. She quickly finds that she is...

Velvet Ropes: An Erotic Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

In the erotic tale "Velvet Ropes" a submissive is seduced into the ecstasy filled world of bondage. She isn't just bound in the same old manner though her lover incorporates the use of velvet ropes to tie her...

And Daddy Makes Three: A Stepfather, Stepdaughter Threesome

by Seth Daniels

Carla comes home to find her best friend, Elaine, and her stepfather, Matt, in a seriously compromising situation. She's surprised, and things get even worse when Elaine invites her to join them. Carla tries...

Stepdaughter Tales: Mercy's Homecoming

by Seth Daniels

On vacation from college, Mercedes returns home, her first time home since her stepfather caught her pleasuring herself one night three years ago. Though he tried his best to forget that night, Mercedes was...

The Hitchhiker's Guide to a Threesome: A Married Couple, Younger Man Erotic Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

A teenage hitchhiker finds himself being propositioned by the wife of the couple that gives him a ride. In the back of the car he licks her out and gets a blowjob in return while the woman's husband watches....

The Bondage Room: An Erotic Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

On a visit to a friend's home, a young woman with erotic fantasies about being tied up and punished stumbles on the bondage room of her friend's divorced father. The man hasn't used it since his divorce, but...

The Priestess of Sodom: An Erotic Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

Rachael is an ambitious witch who wants to climb the ranks of a Satanic order as fast as possible. She joins a cult of depravity and becomes a bride of Satan. There, she tortures herself in the name of supplicating...

Nervous in the Service: An Erotic Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

Marianne is enlisted in the army but stationed at a post that doesn't see much action. Bored with military life, she tracks down rumors about a secret society whose members engage in dark erotic domination in...

The Bondage Room 2: An Erotic Bdsm Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

After her first visit to the bondage room of her friend's father, Candice is desperate for more. Mr. Johnson avoids contact with her though and she starts to suspect that it was a one off. When he is waiting...