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The Valentine Vendetta

by Sharon Kendrick

As Sam Lockhart was devastatingly handsome, it wasn't surprising that he had a reputation! So when Fran Fisher heard that Sam had broken her best friend's heart, she gladly agreed to help her friend get even....

Valentine Vendetta

by Sharon Kendrick

Valentine Vendetta by Sharon Kendrick released on Jul 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

The Unlikely Mistress

by Sharon Kendrick

Sabrina is an unlikely mistress. Guy is a multimillionaire playboy—while Sabrina is, well…ordinary. For one passionate night in Venice she forgets her humdrum life, the pain of losing her fiance. Not wanting...

Too Proud to Be Bought

by Sharon Kendrick

The humble waitress and the Russian billionaire…

Waitress Zara Evans doesn't belong in glittering high society. That is until she finds herself unexpectedly at an exclusive party, and manages to captivate the...

A Tainted Beauty

by Sharon Kendrick

Merciless businessman Ciro D'Angelo knows an opportunity when he sees it—and Lily Scot's vulnerable sweetness and old-fashioned values are exactly what he needs in a wife. She's the complete opposite to the...

Surrender to the Sheikh

by Sharon Kendrick

When Rose was whisked away from London to Prince Khalim's desert palace on board his private jet, he treated her more like a princess than an employee. Yet she knew she could never be his wife. An appropriate...

Society Weddings

by Sharon Kendrick & Kate Walker

Promised to the Sheikh by Sharon Kendrick

Sheikh Rashid of Quador finally wants to marry his arranged bride. But Jenna has discovered what a playboy he really is! She has to get out of their wedding, so she pretends...

The Sicilian's Passion

by Sharon Kendrick

It was just plain old physical attraction. That didn't mean it was any "big love" or anything, did it? Kate was just mistress to a very passionate Sicilian man, Giovanni Calverri. And sex was all it was ever...

Sicilian Husband, Unexpected Baby

by Sharon Kendrick

When Emma's billionaire Sicilian husband found out she was infertile, their marriage was over. Then, back in England, Emma discovered the impossible had happened—she was pregnant! But life is hard, and, unable...

The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife

by Sharon Kendrick

It's been five years since Alexa set eyes on Giovanni de Verrazzano—five years since she walked out on their pretense of a marriage and took with her a precious secret.

Since discovering that he is the son...

The Sheikh's Heir

by Sharon Kendrick

Stop the Press: Unexpected Baby Shock for Sheikh and Jackson Party-girl!

Unconfirmed sources report that celebrity wedding planner Ella Jackson is pregnant! Currently single, Miss Jackson caused quite a stir...

The Sheikh's English Bride

by Sharon Kendrick

An English rose ready for plucking?

When billionaire playboy Xavier de Maistre discovers he's in line to rule the kingdom of Kharastan, he's not eager to claim his birthright. Until he meets Laura Cottingham,...

Shameful Secret, Shotgun Wedding

by Sharon Kendrick

When renowned international playboy Giancarlo Vellutini invites shop assistant Cassie Summers to join him for dinner, how can she refuse? After all, she is an ordinary girl and chances like this don't come around...

Settling the Score

by Sharon Kendrick

"Romy Salisbury was everything he despised in a woman"

Dominic smiled—a cold smile—as his mind lingered on the pleasure and the retribution he was going to exact in the next few days.

He had waited five years...

Seduced by the Boss

by Sharon Kendrick

Seduced by the Boss by Sharon Kendrick released on Jul 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

Secret Baby Box Set

by Lynne Graham, Sharon Kendrick, Carol Marinelli & Kate Hewitt

What happens when that nine-month secret is finally due? Find out in this fabulous box set by USA TODAY bestselling Harlequin Presents® authors!

The Secrets She Carried by Lynne Graham

Erin Turner and Cristophe...

Savage Seduction

by Sharon Kendrick

When enemies marry…

Constantine Sioulas was a man of primitive passions…. Jade knew that. But she couldn't believe it when, after a whirlwind courtship, he insisted that she marry him! Things like that simply...

The Royal House of Karedes books 1-4

by Sandra Marton, Sharon Kendrick, Marion Lennox & Kate Hewitt

The Royal House of Karedes books 1-4 by Sandra Marton,Sandra Marton,Sharon Kendrick,Marion Lennox,Kate Hewitt released on Oct 1, 2009 is available now for purchase.

The Prince's Love-Child

by Sharon Kendrick

First to bed…then royally wed!

They shared passionate nights together in upscale hotels whenever they were in the same city— London, Paris, New York…. But, despite her feelings for Guido, Lucy knew the...

The Prince's Chambermaid

by Sharon Kendrick

Cathy is used to making the beds—not slipping between their sheets! Arrogant Prince Xaviero has one rule: once he's taught Cathy everything he knows, their affair will be over.

But when the King of Zaffirinthos...