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Wedding Favors

by Sheri Whitefeather, Allyson James & Nikita Black

Here come the a tantalizing trio of never-before- published erotic novellas.

In these steamy stories set in New Orleans, three nice-turned-naughty bridesmaids each make a wish by tossing a...


by Sheri Whitefeather

A national bestselling author delivers a tale of two loves who must make one desperate choice.

Bombshell heiress Amber Pontiero is looking for fun-and she's going to find it in Luke and Jay, two former lovers...

Private Dancer

by Sheri Whitefeather

Another scorching erotic romance from national bestselling author Sheri Whitefeather.

It's been two years since Jay and Beverly divorced- and Jay still can't get her off his mind. Even more frustrating is...


by Sheri Whitefeather

The hunter is being seduced by his prey...

Mexico, 1850. One fateful night Noah Diaz is ravished by a bold woman who transforms him into an immortal lion. Now he is a wealthy man who owns an underground sex...

Warrior's Baby

by Sheri Whitefeather


Be the mother of Colt Raintree's child? For Melanie Richards, this request was a dream come true. To be near the tempting Native American once more, to have him touch her, caress her, call out...

Tycoon Warrior

by Sheri Whitefeather

Dakota Lewis wanted only one thing-his wife! By law, Kathy Lewis was still married to him, but she was not under his his bed. This bold modern Native American warrior had faced many fights, but confronting...

Steamy Savannah Nights

by Sheri Whitefeather

Dynasties: The Danforths. A family of prominence...tested by scandal, sustained by passion!

Confronting her biological family had long been Lea Nguyen's dream. But now, rather than getting to know her father,...

Sleeping with Her Rival

by Sheri Whitefeather


But with rival Flint Kingman, had PR exec Gina Barone met her match in the bedroom? The wealthy, cocky spin doctor, hired against her wishes, forced her into...

Skyler Hawk: Lone Brave

by Sheri Whitefeather

Like the bold hawk that had flown by her window, the Native American called Skyler was a mystery for Windy Hall. He was only to stay for the summer, a temporary housemate who'd be gone once September came. But...

Protecting Their Baby

by Sheri Whitefeather

It happened one night—a few hours of blissful passion that left Lisa Gordon pregnant with Rex Sixkiller's baby. And now her unborn child was in grave danger. She needed Rex more than ever.

A decorated soldier,...

Once a Rebel

by Sheri Whitefeather

"What's the point of loving a woman when she might just cut and run?" —Ethan Eldridge, veterinarian

It's not easy living down a wild-child reputation. But Susan Fortune has never done anything the easy way....

Night Wind's Woman

by Sheri Whitefeather

Solitary and steadfast, Shane Night Wind lived by his Comanche heritagethough some said he hid behind it. Locked deep in his heart were dreams he'd never dare divulge...until a woman big with child challenged...

Mob Mistress

by Sheri Whitefeather

Kidnapped. Drugged. When he wakes in a glitzy mansion, Justin Elk is stunned and angry to learn he's the secret heir to the notorious Halloway mob empire. Then a mysterious woman—a maid—stirs his desires…and...

Lone Wolf

by Sheri Whitefeather

Just one look from her evocative neighbor, Hawk Wainwright, was all it took to set Mission Creek newcomer Jenny Taylor on her toes. But haunting memories from a brutal ex-husband made her wary of his touch....

Killer Passion

by Sheri Whitefeather

There was no way Alicia Greco could afford to get involved with any man right now, and especially not Special Agent Griffin Malone. He'd come to Fiji to profile the serial killer who was stalking the shining...

A Kept Woman

by Sheri Whitefeather

"THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF CAGES."Once the glamorous mistress to a high-powered mob boss, Natalie Pascal was now a kept woman of a very different sort. Her new keeper: U.S. Marshal Zack Ryder, the handsome man...

Jesse Hawk: Brave Father

by Sheri Whitefeather

Regal and proud as his animal namesake, Jesse Hawk had been young Patricia Boyd's grandest passion. Together they had learned of physical love and created a boundless connection. But when the time came to face...

Imminent Affair

by Sheri Whitefeather

Allie Whirlwind is well versed in the arts of the unexplained and has been known to see ghosts. But when she comes home to find a warning in red paint: This Is For Daniel, she knows she's dealing with a flesh-and-blood...

The Heart of a Stranger

by Sheri Whitefeather

The Heart of a Stranger by Sheri WhiteFeather released on Jul 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

Harlequin Special Edition March 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2

by Rachel Lee, Sheri Whitefeather & Lynne Marshall

Harlequin Special Edition brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! These are heartwarming, romantic stories about life, love and family. This Harlequin Special Edition bundle includes...