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White Dove's Promise

by Stella Bagwell

BREAKING THE BACHELOR VOWHandsome playboy Jared Colton became town hero the day he saved a toddler trapped in a drainage pipe. The tot's mom was none other than Comanche beauty Kerry WindWalker, the only woman...

A Texan on Her Doorstep

by Stella Bagwell

As deputy sheriff, Mac MacCleod gave difficult news—but now he's about to get it. He's planning to confront his long-lost mother— until he's blocked by her formidable doctor. Ileana Sanders isn't about to...

A South Texas Christmas

by Stella Bagwell


Raine Crockett stared at the handsome lawyer in disbelief. Just about everything was wrong with Neil Rankin coming down to the Sandbur ranch...

Should Have Been Her Child

by Stella Bagwell


She should have been mine, Victoria Ketchum thought as she cradled Jess Hasting's daughter. Instead, Victoria had turned from Jess, and he'd married another. Now a widowed single father,...

Redwing's Lady

by Stella Bagwell


The handsome, chiseled features of the Ute Indian gave no hint of emotion, but under his professional demeanor Deputy Daniel Redwing was riled. Wealthy widow Maggie Ketchum was out...

The Rancher's Request

by Stella Bagwell

TROUBLE IN TEXASJournalist Juliet Madsen had been burned by men before, but she certainly hadn't left Dallas for small-town Texas looking for love—or a family. Until she met single father and wealthy rancher...

Penny Parker's Pregnant!

by Stella Bagwell

HAVING HIS BABY…Hardly a soul in Lincoln County believed any man could get near enough to kiss Judge Penelope Parker—let alone get intimate! But someone had gotten a heck of a lot closer—because Penny Parker...

Paging Dr. Right

by Stella Bagwell

When beautiful heiress Mia Smith arrives at Thunder Canyon Resort, everyone notices— including staff doctor Marshall Cates. Handsome and successful, Marshall is one of Thunder Canyon's most notorious ladies'...

The Missing Maitland

by Stella Bagwell

HE'D BEEN IN DANGEROUS SITUATIONS BEFORE… But Luke Maitland had never put another person at risk—until Blossom Woodward, the controversial TV reporter, happened into the line of fire meant for him. He had...

Lone Star Daddy

by Stella Bagwell

Babysitting a mother-to-be on the verge of giving birth was the last thing Jonas Redman needed. The undercover ranger had come to Chaparral Ranch on a perilous mission; he couldn't afford any distractions. And...

The Lawman's Noelle

by Stella Bagwell

The things you find under the mistletoe! 

While running her own ranch, Noelle Barnes had encountered all sorts of surprises. But an unconscious cowboy? That was a first! Yet Evan Calhoun was no ordinary rancher....

Just For Christmas

by Stella Bagwell

They needed a miracle…Hope Logan wanted only two things for Christmas—her husband, Drake, and the child he refused to give her. Drake had made it plain he had no desire to be a father…and it seemed his...

In a Texas Minute

by Stella Bagwell


Sierra Mendoza was nursing yet another broken heart when an unexpected distraction appeared at her door—an abandoned baby who was truly the man of her dreams. But Child Services wouldn't consider...

Hitched to the Horseman

by Stella Bagwell

Gabe Trevino came to the family-owned Sandbur Ranch to train horses, not fall for the boss's daughter. The sultry ranching heiress could ride and rope as well as any man. She was also hiding something, tempting...

His Texas Baby

by Stella Bagwell

West Texas horse trainer Kitty Cartwright didn't expect a romantic proposal…especially from the New Mexico rancher who was her business rival. She didn't expect a proposal at all! But Kitty was having Liam...

His Medicine Woman

by Stella Bagwell

A man like Johnny Chino

…was impossible to forget…although for five long years Bridget Donovan had certainly tried. But when the proud Apache asked for help, Bridget's job as a doctor wouldn't let her say no....

His Defender

by Stella Bagwell


Isabella Corrales refused to fall for her newest client, Ross Ketchum. He was cocky and arrogant, with a devil-may-care attitude and dimples deeper than the Grand Canyon. Nope,...

Her Texas Ranger

by Stella Bagwell


With nerves of steel and a physique to match, Seth Ketchum took his job as a Texas Ranger very seriously. When he returned to his family ranch to investigate a murder, he was all business—until...

Her Texas Lawman

by Stella Bagwell

Shoulders as broad and strong as Texas

That was Lucita Sanchez's first thought as Deputy Ripp McCleod rescued her from a crash. Here was a man that a woman could count on. One who wouldn't betray his wife and...

The Heiress and the Sheriff

by Stella Bagwell

The horse that sideswiped Gabrielle Carter's car as she approached the sprawling Fortune ranch left her with a blow to the head and no memory of being Miranda Fortune's daughter. But that doesn't stop the bighearted...