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Heart in a Box: True Confessions IV

by Syra Bond

Syra's adventures take her to Europe, but not before she has a narrow escapoe from her sinsiter pursuers at the airport. But once in Europe things go from bad to worse for her and she is trapped in a trly nightmarish...

True Confessions III: Blood Slave

by Syra Bond

I heard a crack-a sharp, sudden snapping sound; like the smack of a wet leather strap being pulled taut by an impatient master'. Syra wakes up and finds she is part patient and part prisoner in a very sinister...

True Confessions II: Fall from Grace

by Syra Bond

Syra's famous erotic odyssey continues as she tries to break free of her cruel master. Still in America she flees anywhere fate takes her. And it takes her to some very strange places. But wherever she goes...

Suckers: True Confessions V

by Syra Bond

Syra's ongoing erotic odyssey brings her back to Europe once more. But again she cannot outrun what pursues her. Her own voracious sexual appetites lead her into many encounters with the Roman sexual underworld,...

True Confessions

by Syra Bond

Syra Bond sets out on the worldwide erotic odyssey that has become one of the most-read series in erotic literature! Trying desperately to escape from her brutal master she becomes caught up with all sorts of...

First Confessions

by Syra Bond

I pushed my finger between the fleshy folds and let the silky wetness run down it onto the base of my hand. I bit my bottom lip as the last jerking pulse faded and I hoped that he would come back soon and punish...

Cold Blood

by Syra Bond

From childhood to death, innocence to corruption, in a world already tainted by power and disregard for others, Elizabeth Bathory takes to the limit her unquenchable desire to satisfy her need to stay forever...

The Diaries of Syra Bond

by Syra Bond

Imprisoned, research student, Syra, is forced to write about the sexual misdeeds that led to her captivity. She tells in explicit detail how her cruel master Galen treated during the heat of a long Spanish summer....