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The Night Angel

by T. Davis Bunn

Heirs of Acadia 4. A new family business partner catches Serfina's eye and then mysteriously disappears. He is rumored dead, but could he be the mysterious "night angel" freeing slaves with gold?

The Distant Beacon

by T. Davis Bunn

Will Nicole's unique legacy prevent her from finding a home of her own? Song of Acadia book 2.

Falconer's Quest

by T. Davis Bunn

Bestselling T. Davis Bunn's dramatic conclusion to the series, Heirs of Acadia #5; story of character forged in the fires of grief, loss, and faith.

The Innocent Libertine

by T. Davis Bunn

Enter the courts and palaces of 18th-century England alongside a young American woman who must stand for her faith. Sequel to the bestselling The Solitary Envoy.

Florian's Gate

by T. Davis Bunn

A family epic blending mystery and romance that is set in the luxurious trappings of today's London and the turbulent economies of Eastern Europe.

Riders of the Pale Horse

by T. Davis Bunn

This fast-paced novel takes the world to the brink of destruction when fundamentalist Islamic terrorists get their hands on nuclear materials.

The Great Divide

by T. Davis Bunn

When attorney Marcus Glenwood resigns from a prestigious corporate law firm to retreat to a small town in North Carolina and rebuild his life after a devastating personal tragedy, he suddenly finds himself in...

The Maestro

by T. Davis Bunn

A masterfully crafted story of a talented American-born classical guitarist who develops into a renowned jazz musician, and yet whose life tumbles into a despair that can only be changed through Christ's intervention....

Gibraltar Passage

by T. Davis Bunn

Book 2 in the Rendezvous With Destiny series. As WWII ends, French captain Pierre Servais searches for his lost brother but also must seek the help of the woman who betrayed his trust.

Berlin Encounter

by T. Davis Bunn

As the cold war begins, Colonel Jake Burnes is faced with yet another dangerous assignment as he attempts to secure safe passage for two rocket scientists from Germany to the West.

Winter Palace

by T. Davis Bunn

The sequel to Florian's Gate and The Amber Room. Jeffrey Sinclair goes on a mysterious assignment into the crumbling Soviet empire where he is confronted by the struggle for power, wealth, and souls.

The Amber Room

by T. Davis Bunn

An exhilarating search to recover the greatest work of art plundered during World War II. The gripping sequel to Florian's Gate.

The Music Box

by T. Davis Bunn

A music teacher befriends a young girl who lost her mother to illness, and through a crisis the girl's father must become involved. The key to happiness lies hidden with the girl's most precious possession.

Sahara Crosswind

by T. Davis Bunn

Book 3 in the Rendezvous With Destiny series. Stalked by bands of assassins, Jake and Pierre risk the dangers of the Sahara Desert to save a nation from the hand of tyranny.

The Dream Voyagers

by T. Davis Bunn

Classic fantasy stories from The Spectrum Chronicles about Consuela and Wander, two kindred spirits caught between worlds but united in the call of their hearts.

The Presence

by T. Davis Bunn

Small-town lawyer T. J. Case goes to Washington, D.C. to stand for a just cause, and finds himself at the center of a corrupt system.

Rhineland Inheritance

by T. Davis Bunn

Book 1 in the Rendezvous With Destiny series. An American captain is caught up in the life-and-death stuggle of those who survived World War II's destruction.

The Messenger

by T. Davis Bunn

A delightful parable of unexpected encounters, as a heavenly visitor is sent to bring hope to the City of Brotherly Love.

Drummer In the Dark

by T. Davis Bunn

In a rip-roaring plot that could be torn from tomorrow’s headlines, bestselling author T. Davis Bunn weaves political intrigues and disturbing moral dilemmas into a chillingly credible portrait of the cutthroat...