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Runaway Vegas Bride

by Teresa Hill

Attorney Wyatt Gray had his hands full when his eighty-something uncle Leo was almost evicted from his retirement village for serial seduction. The one bright spot was Jane Carlton, whose aunt and grandmother...

Nanny Solution

by Teresa Hill

Sit. Stay. Roll over. Good Boy.

Well, these commands worked for the puppy. Unfortunately, Audrey Graham's new boss was not so easily tamed. After a difficult year, she needed to get back on track, and accepting...

Texan's Diamond Bride

by Teresa Hill

Jewelry heiress Paige McCord would do anything to save her family's empire, even sneak into enemy territory to search for a long-lost diamond. She never expected sparks to fly with the no-nonsense cowboy who...

Countdown to the Perfect Wedding

by Teresa Hill

It was the break that chef and single mom Amy Carson was waiting for--catering to the culinary needs of a ritzy wedding party. Accidentally spilling powdered sugar all over the groom was her first mistake. Not...

Hero of My Heart (The McRae Series, Book 5 - Will)

by Teresa Hill

Taken hostage while teaching abroad, Amanda Warren was convinced she was going to die until U.S. Navy SEAL Will Gerard charged in to rescue her. Now she wonders if she'll ever feel safe and whole again.

Her injuries...

His Wedding Date (The Second Chance Love Series, Book 2)

by Teresa Hill

Shelly Wilkerson could not have been more shocked when Brian Sandelle invited her to a wedding.

After all, Brian was supposed to be the one getting married, dashing Shelly's last hope that they'd ever be more...

Marry Me Again (The Second Chance Love Series, Book 1)

by Teresa Hill

Rebecca Harwell was dazzled by Tucker Mallory, a gorgeous, self-assured lawyer who came to work for her father's firm. Their marriage was quick and their son, Sammy, arrived just as the marriage ended.

Now, six...

Five Days Grace (The McRae Series, Book 4 - Grace)

by Teresa Hill

Wounded Naval Intelligence Officer Aidan Shaw is at the lowest point in his life, hiding away in a friend's cabin on a remote Ohio lake.

Then, the most beautiful woman he's ever seen breaks in.

As Aidan holds...

Bed of Lies (The McRae Series, Book 3 - Zach)

by Teresa Hill

Julie is on the verge of getting everything she's ever wanted. Problem is, everything is based on a lie.

With her much anticipated wedding rapidly approaching, Julie encounters Zack McRae, the only man who knows...

Matchmaking by Moonlight

by Teresa Hill

"I now pronounce thee man and…ex-wife?"

Family court judge Ashe Thomas had heard it all. But New Age teacher Lilah Ryan's loopy request for him to perform a "divorce ceremony" for women to heal from their bad...

Unbreak My Heart

by Teresa Hill

Allie Bennett's heart is broken. Fifteen years ago, she and her mother abandoned the only home she'd ever known, leaving behind Allie's loving father and the painful reminders of her sister's unexplained death....

Edge of Heaven (The McRae Series, Book 2 - Emma)

by Teresa Hill

When a sexy, protective stranger shows up on her doorstep, Emma McRae doesn't give a thought to falling in love with him. But she does just that-falls hard and fast, and for the first time in her life.


Twelve Days (the McRae Series, Book 1 - Sam and Rachel)

by Teresa Hill

Twelve Days before Christmas, Rachel McRae opens her front door and a social worker puts a baby in her arms-one who comes with a four-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl-siblings abandoned and in need of...

Heard It Through the Grapevine

by Teresa Hill


Preacher's daughter and wholesome "good girl" Cathie Baldwin knew better than to find herself unwed and pregnant. But what miracle could save her and her family from the ultimate shame...

A Little Bit Engaged

by Teresa Hill


…the whole town knows. She's engaged—with no wedding date in sight. Maybe that's why she doesn't mind sexy pastor Ben Taylor flirting with her when she comes to offer her services...

Her Sister's Fiance

by Teresa Hill


For years, Kathie Cassidy suffered in silence, determined that no one would ever find out she’ d fallen in love with her beloved sister’ s fiancé! And then the unthinkable happened. Her...

His Bride by Design

by Teresa Hill

Wedding-dress designer Chloe Allen had it all—her first celebrity client, a debut New York fashion show, even a happy engagement…her third, but who was counting? Then a catwalk catfight revealed her fiancé's...

Every Closed Eye Ain't Sleep: African American Perspectives on the Achievement Gap

by Teresa Hill

Every Closed Eye Ain't Sleep examines the origins and perpetuation of the achievement gap from the perspective of the African American community.

Magic in a Jelly Jar

by Teresa Hill

Disillusioned with love, single dad Joe Morgan has no time for his instant and unwanted attraction to enchanting dentist Samantha Carter. But Joe needed Samantha's help. His son, Luke, has the crazy idea that...