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Treasure Creek Dad

by Terri Reed

Single father Jake Rodgers's daughter isn't happy about moving to tiny Treasure Creek, Alaska. So the former big-city businessman trades his suits for hiking boots and he books a father-daughter wilderness tour...

A Time of Hope

by Terri Reed

The new temporary pastor of Hope Community Church was everything Mara Zimmer was trying to avoid. Jacob Durand was young, good-looking and interested. She was terrified that if he learned about her tragic past,...

Strictly Confidential

by Terri Reed

From the desk of Colleen Montgomery

Alessandro Donato—there's more to Lidia Vance's nephew than meets the eye.

* Says he's an accountant for the European Union (but spends a lot of time here in Colorado Springs)....

The Secret Heiress

by Terri Reed

Finding out she is heir to a fortune shocks Caroline Tully to her core. And to "qualify" for the inheritance, she just has to visit her newfound grandfather's Mississippi home from Christmas to New Year's. Adopted...

Love Inspired Suspense April 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2

by Terri Reed, Becky Avella & Dana R. Lynn

More of the suspense you love — now Love Inspired Suspense brings you six new titles, in two convenient box sets! Enjoy these contemporary heart-pounding tales of suspense, romance, hope and faith. This Love...

Love Comes Home and A Sheltering Love

by Terri Reed

Fall in love again with these uplifting stories from Terri Reed


Twelve years ago, Dr. Rachel Maguire followed her faith into medicine, choosing her career over love. But time never diminished her...

Love Comes Home

by Terri Reed

An ache throbbed within Dr. Rachel Maguire's chest. After twelve years, Josh Taylor, the man she'd loved and lost, stood before her-handsome as ever, and now with an adorable son. Something stirred inside her...

The Innocent Witness

by Terri Reed

Faith sustained Vivian Grant through her horrible childhood and loveless marriage, but how much more can she take? Her husband has been killed. Her autistic son is the only witness. And someone is twisting the...

Holiday Havoc

by Terri Reed & Stephanie Newton

Mayhem and mistletoe share the holiday in these two suspenseful stories

Yuletide Sanctuary by Terri Reed

A cry for help shatters youth counselor Sean Matthews's quiet Christmas night. He saves Lauren Curtis from...

Her Last Chance

by Terri Reed

The mysterious man at her door swears he recognizes her. She's Leah Farley. Mother, wife—and suspected murderer. But her amnesia has wiped away memories of her former life. When a shower of bullets follows...

Her Christmas Protector

by Terri Reed


Those words from her abusive ex-husband sent Faith Delange fl eeing from everything familiar. And when a bus dropped her off in the small town of Sisters, Oregon, Faith immediately...

Giving Thanks For Baby

by Terri Reed

To: Ross

From: Trista

Re: Soul mates

You and Kelly share something special. I'd like to find my soul mate, too. Starting over in Chestnut Grove with an infant was such a major life change. At first, I wasn't sure...

Duty Bound Guardian

by Terri Reed


When a priceless artifact is stolen, museum curator Lana Gomez becomes the prime suspect. How can she hope to adopt her orphaned nephew if she's a person of interest in a crime? Cooperating with Capitol...

Double Threat Christmas

by Terri Reed

According to police, Megan McClain had the motive, means and opportunity to commit a double murder. Unless she can prove her innocence, she'll spend Christmas in jail. Is someone trying to frame her? Who? She...

Double Jeopardy

by Terri Reed

Witness to a brutal murder, Anne Jones bravely agrees to testify. She is given a new name, a new history and is advised not to get too close to anyone. But she does—and with good reason. Somehow, her identity...

Double Deception

by Terri Reed

Her faith had always been strong enough to see her through tragedy—until Kate Wheeler's world turned deadly. Her husband had been murdered, and the discovery of his double life sent her on the run… into the...

Double Cross

by Terri Reed

The struggling orchid farm on the lush island of Maui is Kiki Brill's pride and joy. And she's not about to lose it, no matter how much money Ryan McClain is offering for her family's land. But it's becoming...

The Deputy's Duty

by Terri Reed

As the eldest of six siblings and deputy chief of the Fitzgerald Bay police department, Ryan Fitzgerald is a protector. Of his family. Of his community. But staying in control means keeping his distance…until...

Covert Pursuit

by Terri Reed

Boston homicide detective Angie Carlucci thought she was getting a much-needed vacation. But her Florida Keys holiday is interrupted when she sees someone dump a body bag in the ocean. In the tangle between...

Chasing Shadows

by Terri Reed

When senior citizens start mysteriously disappearing from a Boston retirement home, heiress Kristina Worthington is suspicious. Especially since she fears her beloved grandmother is next. Without solid evidence,...