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French Revolutionary Infantryman 1791-1802

by Terry Crowdy & Christa Hook

This title, a prequel to Warrior 57 French Napoleonic Infantryman 1803-15, concentrates on the period from the storming of the Bastille in 1789 until Bonaparte's election as Consul for Life in 1802. The meticulously...

French Warship Crews 1789-1805: From the French Revolution to Trafalgar

by Terry Crowdy & Steve Noon

This book gives a detailed and authentic account of the life and experiences of French warship crews from the French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802) up to Trafalgar. It describes the recruitment and composition...

Incomparable: Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment

by Terry Crowdy

This is the story of people who were caught up in the blazing trail of Napoleon's epic career. It describes the Napoleonic war machine from within, shedding light on the lives and feats of soldiers on whose...

French Soldier in Egypt 1798-1801: The Army of the Orient

by Terry Crowdy & Christa Hook

This book concentrates on the dramatic experiences of Napoleon's Army of the Orient in Egypt and the Holy Land. The fighting of the Mamelukes and Turks are covered in depth, detailing desert combat, siege warfare,...

Incomparable: a collection of essays: The formation and early history of Napoleon's 9th Light Infantry Regiment

by Terry Crowdy

An elite battalion under Louis XVI, the 9th Light Infantry regiment were with Napoleon from almost the beginning of his campaigns, so much so that he dubbed them ‘Incomparable’. This collection of essays...

French Revolutionary Infantry 1789-1802

by Terry Crowdy & Patrice Courcelle

The years immediately following the French Revolution of 1789 saw an extraordinary transformation of the French army. From a distrusted instrument of the feudal power of the king and nobility, it became the...

Deceiving Hitler: Double Cross and Deception in World War II

by Terry Crowdy

During the Second World War the Allies controlled every active German agent in Britain. This placed Allied Intelligence services in a unique position. The Allies were able to feed spurious information back to...

The Enemy Within: A History of Spies, Spymasters and Espionage

by Terry Crowdy

To gain the upper hand in conflict the ability to know what your enemy is planning is vital. Massive amounts of money have been spent and many lives have been lost in pursuit of this objective. From biblical...