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Dangerous Days on the Victorian Railways: Feuds, Frauds, Robberies and Riots

by Terry Deary

Facing feuds and frauds, robberies and riots and the disasters of dangerous drivers, deadly designers and sleepy signalmen, Victorians risked more than just delays when stepping on a steam train. Victorian inventors...

Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire: Terrors and Torments, Diseases and Deaths

by Terry Deary

DANGEROUS DAYS IN THE ROMAN EMPIRE is the first in a new adult series by Terry Deary, the author of the hugely bestselling Horrible Histories, popular among children for their disgusting details, gory information...

The Boy Who Cried Horse

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

1180 BC. Young Acheron is a liar. Everybody knows it. Troy is under siege and Acheron tells tales of Trojan bravery to entertain Prince Paris and the beautiful Helen at the palace. But when a stranger comes...

The Goose Guards

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

387 BC. Rome is under attack from the vicious Gauls and the barbarianarmy is now preparing to besiege the Temple of Juno on Capitol Hill,home of Brutus, a trainee priest. The temple’s inhabitants are offeredhelp...

The Prince, the Cook and the Cunning King

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

King Henry VII is already mean and he’s ruthless and very angry. When a young boy called Lambert Simnel announces that he, not Henry, should be the king of England. But he is no match for the powerful king....

Egyptian Tales: The Gold in the Grave: The Gold in the Grave

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Tutankhamen has been buried in his rocky tomb. But there is a plot to rob the grave of its vast wealth as soon as possible after the funeral. A motley gang of villains have all the skills they need to undertake...

The Knight of Sticks and Straw

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Cristina is just a frightened servant girl who works in the palace.Until, that is, she gets tangled up in a cunning plot. She will becrucial in the success of the great knight El Cid’s last battle and thesafety...

The Tortoise and the Dare

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

750 BC. The boys at school are excited. The Olympic games are coming to the city. They may be too young to compete, but their teacher suggests the school should have its own games. Of course, girls have no part...

The Maid, the Witch and the Cruel Queen

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

The day Queen Mary Tudor - or ’Bloody Mary’, as she’s called, because she has anyone who doesn’t go to church burned - came to town was the most terrifying day of young Meg’s life. Everyone wants to impress...

The Knight of Swords and Spooks

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Young George is suspicious when his unloving father announces that hewill be a squire to King Richard III. It is not long before he findsout that he is really a hostage to guarantee his father’s loyalty tothe...

The Lion's Slave

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

213 BC. The great inventor Archimedes has just one problem. His clumsy servant, young Lydia, is the bane of his life. But when the Romans besiege Syracuse, and the Greeks turn to Archimedes for help, it is young...

The Town Mouse and the Spartan House

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

430 BC. Darius has been orphaned by the plague in Athens. To escape the sickness he runs off to join his Uncle Alcmaeon who is a general with the Spartan army. But he finds the Spartan way of life quite shocking....

The Knight of Spurs and Spirits

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

The violent and cruel Sir Robert Hylton terrorises his servants ingrand Hylton Castle. Whilst they suffer from cold, hunger and histemper, Sir Robert drinks wine and sits by the fire. When his violencegoes one...

The Knight of Silk and Steel

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

The locals all fall off their tavern stools with surprise when astrange figure arrives to the village. He says he is a knight, and hedoes have a magnificent horse and a gleaming silver sword. But he iswearing......

The Captive Celt

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

AD 51. Bran is a slave, a prisoner of Rome, but dreams of one dayreturning to his homeland, Britannia, to fight against the Romans. Whenthe proud young slave is overheard criticizing Rome, he is thrown intoprison...

The Fatal Fire

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

AD 64. Rome is a frightening place. But little does Christian slavegirl Mary realise the dangers that await her when she accompanies hermaster to the city. It is the day of the chariot races and Mary finds herself...

The Grim Ghost

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

AD 113. The young boy Pertinax helps his grandmother prepare a feast inPliny’s household. As all the workers are busy in the kitchen, theyoung boy keeps Pliny company in the garden. He is told a story by thegreat...

The Actor, the Rebel and the Wrinkled Queen

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

Old, ailing Elizabeth I is on the throne - but a rebellion to overthrow her is being plotted by the dashing Earl of Essex. One of the rallying points for the uprising will be the Globe Theatre. When the Queen...

Egyptian Tales: The Phantom and the Fisherman: The Phantom and the Fisherman

by Terry Deary

Menes is training as a scribe in the local temple, and to earn extra money tO help his poor family, he agrees to assist rich old Maiarch. Menes must write a prayer to rid Maiarch of an old family ghost. But...

Egyptian Tales: The Magic and the Mummy: The Magic and the Mummy

by Terry Deary & Helen Flook

This is a tale of Neria, who works in the House of Death,helping her father to make the mummies. Neria enjoys her work, but when the pharaoh dies, it all goes into overdrive mode. Everyone is so busy that Neria...