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The Sheikh Who Stole Her: Sheikh Seduction / The Untamed Sheikh / Desert King, Doctor Daddy (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Dana Marton, Tessa Radley & Meredith Webber


When their convoy was brutally ambushed and business consultant Sara was attacked, Sheikh Tariq became her protector. Trapped in the desert, he would fight to get Sara to safety… but they couldn’t...

Billionaire Heirs: The Kyriakos Virgin Bride / The Apollonides Mistress Scandal / The Desert Bride of Al Zayed (Mills & Boon By Request) (Billionaire Heirs, Book 1)

by Tessa Radley

Three gorgeous cousins: masculine, super-wealthy and irresistible!

The Kyriakos Virgin Bride

Greek billionaire Zac Kyriakos only married sheltered heiress Pandora Armstrong because her youth, beauty and naïveté...

Falling For His Proper Mistress

by Tessa Radley

It had been forty-nine days—and nights—since Guy Jarrod last touched Avery Lancaster. Yes, the successful businessman had believed the rumors of her gold-digging ways. But she was an itch he needed to scratch....

Spaniard's Seduction

by Tessa Radley

The white-hot desire for venganza—revenge—had driven Rafaelo Carreras, Marques de Las Carreras, for years. Now, at last, the ruthless Spanish aristocrat had come to New Zealand, to take what was rightfully...

Saved by the Sheikh!

by Tessa Radley

Practically penniless, Tiffany Smith had nowhere to turn except to the gorgeous billionaire who offered his help. But at what price? Dashing banker Rafiq Al Dhahara did not believe she was an innocent fallen...

Rich Man's Revenge

by Tessa Radley

Hell-bent on revenge, Italian businessman Rico D'Alessio would stop at nothing to destroy the Sinclair family. Taking eldest daughter Danielle Sinclair as his bride was a start. Making her pregnant with his...

Reclaiming His Pregnant Widow

by Tessa Radley

Long presumed dead, antiquities dealer Brand Noble has finally clawed his way back to New York City. Only to find his wife, Clea, pregnant…and engaged to another man? She hadn't wasted any time in moving on....

Pride & a Pregnancy Secret

by Tessa Radley

"I'm having your baby."

They were words she would never speak to her lover, Ryan Blackstone, Australia's richest gem dealer. For Jessica Cotter was his secret mistress, with him only for torrid sessions behind...

Pregnancy Proposal

by Tessa Radley

His late brother's fiancée was pregnant with a Saxon heir. Yet Amy Wright thought she could just leave town?

Not even the black sheep of the mighty Saxons would allow that. So Heath Saxon propositioned Amy:...

One Dance with the Sheikh

by Tessa Radley

A spontaneous, passion-filled Vegas romp with a sheikh is out of the ordinary for sensible Laurel Kincaid. She's walked the straight-and-narrow her entire life and has wound up with more stress and conflict...

Mistaken Mistress

by Tessa Radley

Joshua Saxon, the arrogant millionaire who ran New Zealand's premier winery, believed Alyssa Blake had been his late brother's mistress. But the true connection between Alyssa and the Saxons was even more shocking....

Millionaire Under the Mistletoe

by Tessa Radley

Callum Ironstone didn't do guilt. Even so, the millionaire did feel responsible enough for struggling chef Miranda Owen to offer her a job. She could cater his holiday dinner party…an important affair where...

The Desert Bride of Al Zayed

by Tessa Radley


After five years Jayne could finally release herself from Sheikh Tariq bin Rashid, the desert prince of Zayed...and her husband. He'd courted her, captivated her, but he'd never truly trusted her....

Black Widow Bride

by Tessa Radley

Her attempt at seduction the night before his marriage had nearly been his undoing. Wealthy businessman Damon Asteriades had pushed aside all thoughts of brash Rebecca Grainger for years, until circumstances...

Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain

by Tessa Radley

Turned from best man to baby's guardian in one shocking moment, bad-boy billionaire Connor North intended to stake his claim. If maid-of-honor Victoria Sutton wanted any part in the child's life, she would have...

The Apollonides Mistress Scandal

by Tessa Radley

Scandals, lies and vengeanceHow dare the woman he'd thrown out of his bed show her face to him again? Her memory gone, Gemma Allen was seeking answers to her past. And so Greek tycoon Angelo Apollonides delighted...

By Request Collection Part 2 (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Melanie Milburne, Kate Walker, Elizabeth Power & Natalie Anderson et al.

Part 2 of the wonderful By Request collection includes 12 fabulous romances:

His Revenge Seduction:




The Jarrods: Temptation: Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright / Falling For His Proper Mistress / Expecting the Rancher's Heir (Mills & Boon By Request)

by Maureen Child, Tessa Radley & Kathie DeNosky

CLAIMING HER BILLION-DOLLAR BIRTHRIGHT Erica Prentice has discovered that she belongs to a wealthy dynasty…

but it’s attorney Christian Hanford who sets her head spinning! If he’s found with her, Christian...

Baby Collection (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Maxine Sullivan, Day Leclaire, Tessa Radley & Carol Marinelli et al.

Baby Collection by Maxine Sullivan, Day Leclaire, Tessa Radley, Carol Marinelli, Natalie Rivers, Maggie Cox, Delores Fossen, Donna Young, Cindy Gerard, Anne Mather, Annie West, Melanie Milburne.

12 full-length...

The Sheikh Who Desired Her: Secrets of the Oasis / The Desert Prince / Saved by the Sheikh! (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

by Abby Green, Jennifer Lewis & Tessa Radley

SECRETS OF THE OASIS When she gave herself to Sheikh Salman in Paris five years ago, Jamilah Moreau fantasised about wedding dresses and happy endings. But Salman was driven by desire, not diamond solitaires…...