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Little Big Man: A Novel

by Thomas Berger

“The truth is always made up of little particulars which sound ridiculous when repeated.” So says Jack Crabb, the 111-year-old narrator of Thomas Berger’s 1964 masterpiece of American fiction, Little Big...

Meeting Evil

by Thomas Berger

Meeting Evil tells an adrenaline-pumped, genuinely frightening tale of malevolence that swerves swiftly and irrevocably to a catastrophic climax.

John Felton meets evil late one Monday morning when the doorbell...

Adventures of the Artificial Woman: A Novel

by Thomas Berger

Fed up with the sarcastic, opinionated, and disrespectful women he comes across, Ellery Pierce decides his only choice is to build the perfect woman. A technician at an animatronics firm, Ellery has the experience...


by Thomas Berger

Suburban regular guy Earl Keese confronts the yawning pit of chaos in the persons of Harry and Ramona, a younger couple who have just moved into the only other house on their dead-end street. Literally overnight,...

Orrie's Story

by Thomas Berger

A retelling of the Greek Oresteia trilogy through the lives of a seemingly ordinary small-town American family.

Who is Teddy Villaneuva?

by Thomas Berger

In Who Is Teddy Villanova?, Mr. Berger turns for the first time to the private-eye thriller, as practiced by the masters Hammett and Chandler. The seedy office . . . the down-at-heel detective . . . and more....

Killing Time

by Thomas Berger

Killing Time is a psychological novel about crime. The hero, Joseph Detweiler, is the world’s most courteous, sensitive, sincere, and likable killer. He is even innocent of the fact that a crime has been committed....

Robert Crews

by Thomas Berger

With the humor, irony, and veteran storytelling that have made him one of America’s most respected novelists, Thomas Berger has written a modern-day Robinson Crusoe.


“Mr. Berger possesses the defining...

Reinhart in Love

by Thomas Berger

Carlo Reinhart returns home from service in occupied Germany and finds the postwar US a different world: housing developments, gadget technology, a physical and spiritual malaise that boom times evoke.


Regiment of Women

by Thomas Berger

Once again, Thomas Berger brings a satiric and irreverent perspective to the human experience, evoking a world that most dare not even imagine and effectively dismantling all existing definitions of sex and...

Changing the Past

by Thomas Berger

Changing the Past plays on the horror of having your wishes come true. It is a black comedy of the finest kind.


“Berger begins his latest novel by stating, “Not even God can change the past.” But Berger...