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The Parts Left Out: A Novel

by Thomas Ogden

The Parts Left Out is a suspenseful story of a poor Kansas wheat-farming family in which each generation holds the next in its deadly grip until murderous opposition explodes. The beautifully drawn characters,...

Subjects of Analysis

by Thomas Ogden

In this brilliant contribution to psychoanlaytic theory and practice, Ogden has once again challenged psychoanalytic clinicians to expand the conceptual envelope that confines and constricts their work. Sounding...

Projective Identification and Psychotherapeutic Technique

by Thomas Ogden

An examination of projective identification and its clinical uses from a Kleinian perspective. The author puts forward the hypothesis that identification is the patient's way of mastering significant trauma....

Reverie and Interpretation: Sensing Something Human

by Thomas Ogden

A text exploring the frontiers of contemporary psychoanalytic thinking: the experience of the analyst and patient in the dynamic interplay of subjectivity and intersubjectivity. The author shows how the development...

Conversations at the Frontier of Dreaming

by Thomas Ogden

'The sources of human creativity have always been mysterious. In this brilliant new contribution, Thomas Ogden explores the interface of dreams, reverie, poetry, and play. In so doing, he leads us to new understandings...

The Matrix of the Mind: Object Relations and the Psychoanalytic Dialogue

by Thomas Ogden

A comprehensive overview of object relations theory from a Kleinian perspective. It includes chapters on phantasy, the paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions, internal objects, and the work of Winnicott...