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Inside Robin's Too Tight Tights

by Tim Desmondes

Pity poor Robin Hood. Any red-blooded young Saxon can rob from the rich to give to the poor. Can win every archery contest in seven shires. Can keep seven-score rowdy, randy Merrymen under control. But those...

Wanda The Whip Lady

by Tim Desmondes

Leo Messick, a born masochist, finds sexual pleasure in pain and humiliation. He loves to be beaten and reviled by sadistic women. But finding the perfect dominatrix to administer delightful flagellation and...

Whores, Love and Pistols in the Wild West

by Tim Desmondes

The gals of the Wild West had to be ready for just about anything. But what they knew was in store for them, being outnumbered 100 to 1 by males, was sex. Big Nose Kate came west to make money whoring in the...

Venus Does Adonis While Apollo Shags a Tree

by Tim Desmondes

Oh, those horny gods. Over the last couple of millennia the prudes have emasculated and spayed them mercilessly. Here they are with all their sexual apparatus, their lust, their promiscuity, and their humor...

Sexual Diversity and Perversity in California

by Tim Desmondes

Welcome to five ribald stories about zany characters who run into funny things happening on their way to getting laid. There's Tim, who before heading off to college gets invited by a mature lady to frolic with...

Sex and Loathing in Hollywood

by Tim Desmondes

Among a large cast of sexy Hollywood hustlers, meet Rock Stone, an eighteen year old blond "male starlet," the lover of both Henri, a leading man and of Marlene, an aging leading lady. Rock is also hotly pursuing...

Arthur Does Camelot

by Tim Desmondes

What a lusty group that was sitting around the Round Table. Lancelot was having an affair with Queen Guinevere. And with other assorted knights, ladies, and boys as well. King Arthur got his sister pregnant...