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My Brother's Keeper

by Tony Bradman & Tom Bradman

A novel of the First World War. Alfie signs up for the army aged just 15, carried away by patriotic fervour at the start of the Great War. But life in the trenches is very far from his dreams of glory. It's...

Blast Off!

by Tom Bradman

When the space colony finally finds an earth-like planet to land on,

Luke, Yasmin and Yuri can't believe their luck. But when the trio of

friends accidentally stumble across an abandoned alien city, tripping


Bug Wars

by Tom Bradman

Trapped on a colony spaceship, Luke whiles away his time playing

computer games. But when an alien battleship

arrives demanding that Luke comes aboard, it seems that his

computer-whizz gaming skills have been mistaken...

Crash Course

by Tom Bradman

Luke is stuck on spaceship Buzz Aldrin, his mum is the stressed-out captain, Planet Earth is dead from pollution and he's failing at school. Can things get worse? Well, if you accidentally infect the mainframe...

Ice Breaker

by Tom Bradman

What do you do when you're stuck in an ice cave underneath an avalanche

on an ice planet in the darkest depths of space? Strike that - what do you do when the 'ice cave' turns out to be a giant alien