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Gangbangs and Orgies: An Erotic Trilogy

by Tracy Alton

This is a trilogy of erotic stories that take you on a wild and horny journey that will certainly lead you to your own hot masturbation session. Once you delve into these creamy and steamy stories you won't...

The Naughty Stepdaughter

by Tracy Alton

Jack and his stepdaughter had a secret attraction to each other. Not a love attraction, a sexual fantasy. Jack never tried anything on his daughter so it was up to her. When she strutted that ass in front of...

Home Alone with My Stepmom: A Stepson, Stepmother Fantasy

by Tracy Alton

After being away for a long time, twenty-one year old Steven is invited back home: his father wants him to meet his new stepmother, Meredith. She's a gorgeous woman, and it's clear that his father isn't satisfying...

Savage Love

by Tracy Alton

19 year old Clara is stuck in the middle of the prairie, bored and lonely. That's all about to change when Running Elk shows up and claims her for his own. This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately...

Savage Love 2

by Tracy Alton & Knight Caralyn

The relationship between Clara and Running Elk continues to develop against the backdrop of Running Elk's tribal village. Unaccepted by the other women and threatened by the other braves, Clara looks to Running...

Savage Secret

by Tracy Alton

Mary Cooper is in the difficult position of a woman alone out west. Widowed at a young age and unable to return to her family in New York since her elopement to the frontier, she works as a teacher in a small...

The Shy Ones Are the Kinkiest: An Erotic Bdsm Fantasy

by Tracy Alton

Tina Gorden is a college student that appears to be a shy girl that is afraid to ask a guy out. One Christmas while home visiting on break, she makes the decision to ask one of the more popular guys out that...

My Stepmom's a Milf: A Stepson, Stepmother Erotic Lactation Fantasy

by Tracy Alton

Steven Patterson is a college student that has had a rough couple of years. His mom was killed when he was sixteen, and his dad met a woman working as a cocktail waitress. Steven and Samantha do not get along...