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Beyond the High Road

The Cormyr Saga #2

by Troy Denning

The seer Alaundo prophesied that seven scourges would sweep Cormyr way in ruin. For centuries the royal family has stood watch against that day and devoted their lives to the protection of the realm.

But in a...

Faces of Deception

Crucible: Trial of Cyric the Mad

The Parched Sea

The Harpers #1

by Troy Denning

Determined to drive a trade route through Anauroch, the Zhentarim have sent an army to enslave the fierce nomads of the great desert. As tribe after tribe fall to the intruders, only a single woman, Rhua, sees...

The Veiled Dragon

The Harpers #12

by Troy Denning

The Bedine witch Ruha has left the parched sea of Anauroch on her quest to become a Harper. That quest takes her to Eversult, where she must prove herself by discovering who has poisoned Lady Yanseldara. Simple...

The Titan of Twilight: The Twilight Giants, Book III

The Twilight Giants #3

by Troy Denning

For untold centuries, a banished titan has lurked in the cold, forbidden dusk of the Twilight Vale—imprisoned for a crime as black as the boreal night. With the birth of a new king comes the titan’s freedom....

The Cerulean Storm: Prism Pentad, Book 5

Prism Pentad #5

by Troy Denning

Athas, world of the dark sun: Ruled for thousands of years by power-mad sorcerer-kings, its cities have become vile centers of slavery and corruption. Only heroes of the greatest strength and bravest heart can...

The Crimson Legion: Prism Pentad, Book 2

Prism Pentad #2

by Troy Denning

Tyr is free at last! But for how long?

The city-state of Tyr has been freed from a thousand years of slavery to the sorcerer-king, but with change comes chaos and Tyr's triumph may be its death-knell.

Almost twenty...

The Obsidian Oracle: Prism Pentad, Book 4

Prism Pentad #4

by Troy Denning

Join the quest for an ancient oracle!

Sixteen years after it was first published, The Obsidian Oracle is as fresh and exciting as it ever was. Join a new generation of fantasy fans as they rediscover the sword...

The Amber Enchantress: Prism Pentad, Book 3

Prism Pentad #3

by Troy Denning

A Desperate Battle with the Vilest of Dragons!

Dark Sun continues to be the most sought-after of the classic TSR Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings, and this third release in the five-part Prism Pentad will...

The Verdant Passage: Prism Pentad, Book 1

Prism Pentad #1

by Troy Denning

Return to the deserts of the Dark Sun world!

A maverick statesman, a half-elf slave girl, and a man-dwarf gladiator band together to face off against the vile magic of a sorcerer-king who's spent a thousand years...

Last Light

by Troy Denning

An original novel set in the Halo Universe and based on the New York Times bestselling video game series!

It is 2553, and the three-decade long Covenant War that defined a generation has suddenly drawn to a close....

The Sorcerer: Return of the Archwizards, Book III

by Troy Denning

The exciting conclusion of the Return of the Archwizards trilogy.The Sorcerer concludes the Return of the Archwizards trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Troy Denning. Events in this trilogy will have...

The Siege: Return of the Archwizards, Book II

by Troy Denning

For Evereska, the last elven refuge on Faerûn, it’s a battle for survival.

For the Chosen of Mystra, it’s a potent rival for their goddess’s dominion over magic.

For the human realms of Faerûn, it’s...

The Summoning

Return of the Archwizards #1

by Troy Denning

From the depths of the demiplane of shadow comes a new magic so mysterious it confounds even the Chosen of Mystra.

From beneath the dune seas of Anauroch escapes one of Toril's most powerful and ancient evils...