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The House of Allerbrook

by Valerie Anand

Lady-in-waiting Jane Sweetwater's resistance to the legendary attentions of Henry VIII may have saved her pretty neck, but her reward is a forced and unhappy marriage with a much older man and a harsh life on...

The House Of Allerbrook

by Valerie Anand

For the first time, Jane beheld King Henry VIII of England.

He was broad chested and strong voiced, jewelled and befurred, a powerfully dominant presence… Lady-in-waiting Jane Sweetwater’s resistance...

The House Of Lanyon (Mills & Boon M&B)

by Valerie Anand

When two ambitious families occupy the same patch of English soil, rivalry is sure to take root and flourish.

A glimmer of initiative swells into blind desire, and minor hurts, nursed with jealousy, fester...