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In a Cowboy's Bed

by Cat Johnson & Vonna Harper

They're tough as nails and sexy as hell. With their leather chaps and Stetson hats, they're impossible to resist. They're cowboys and they like to ride slow and hard. . .

"Two for the Road" by Cat Johnson


Going Down

by Vonna Harper

Giving Up Control. . .

Successful bondage model Saree McKeon sometimes wonders what it would be like to turn her job into the real thing. Yet she never dreams that she'll soon get the opportunity to live out...

His Slave

by Vonna Harper

Will touch your heart and leave you breathless. --Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Reporter Cheyenne Stenson's latest assignment has her trembling with fear--and simmering with secret desire. Forced by her bosses...


by Vonna Harper

Can she handle everything they are?

True to her Hopi mother's restless spirit, Terena Rothrock follows news stories all over the Southwest. Lately, though, her heart is calling her back to the rez. But not before...

Spirit of the Wolf

by Vonna Harper


A cattle rancher with a past he'd rather forget, Matt prefers to be alone. But that all changes the night he meets Cat. Her eyes, her lips, her body-he wants her. He needs her. . .


Unable to resist...

Tempted By A Cowboy

by Vonna Harper

Tough and rough, tall and dark, these are men a woman never forgets. Experience pleasure like no other in the arms of a cowboy. . .

"Mustang Man" by Vonna Harper

Acclaimed horse trainer Miguel Perez is used to...

Night of the Hawk

by Vonna Harper

If you're interested in giving bdsm stories a try, I'd highly recommend starting with Vonna Harper. --eCataRomance Reviews


Reporter Smokey Powers has come to a small Oregon town to investigate a developer's...

Taming The Cougar

by Vonna Harper

The sex is fabulous, inventive, and orgasmic. --Just Erotic Romance Reviews

She Senses Him

Deep in the canyons of northern Arizona, animal psychic Kai Tallon senses someone--or something--watching her, and wonders...


by Vonna Harper

Love lies behind the eyes of a predator.

The longer Dana Mallon studies the magnificent jaguar confined to a nature preserve, the greater her sense that forces beyond her comprehension are at work. Looking into...


by Vonna Harper

To tame a wild thing, first you must gain her trust...

Mia's retreat on Cougar Mountain was supposed to be a quiet time of communing with nature. Instead, she can't shake the sense she's being watched. The reason...

Shifters' Storm

by Vonna Harper

She needs their courage-and their bodies. The feeling is mutual...

Law enforcement warnings be damned, nothing will stop Rane from returning to the Chinook Mountains to discover who murdered her mother, a fellow...

Night Hunter

by Vonna Harper

Will she lose him to the Everglades and his destiny?

When a black-clad motorcyclist pulls up alongside her, thrilling her with dark eyes that promise raw, wild sex, Mala Bey's system goes into overload. Moments...

Sexy Beast IX

by Vonna Harper

Broad and all-powerful, these men know how to thrive in the wild--and bring to the edge of ecstasy the women they claim as their own. . .

"On The Prowl" by Vonna Harper

Traveling from Texas to India in search...

Falcon's Captive

by Vonna Harper


High above the desert valley, the Falcon Jola circles over the band of warriors below--men who have invaded her land and killed her mate, leaving her alone and longing for the piercing pleasure she once...

Canyon Shadows

by Vonna Harper


Canine trainer Shari Afton can't deny the shiver of pleasure that runs through her at the sound of Maco Durant's sexy voice over the phone. Seems that trouble has followed this Wyoming rancher to Oregon,...