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Sky Gods & Angels

by Wence Horak & Keana Texeira

If the visitors to Earth are really aliens from distant worlds why would they be buzzing about for at least 5,000 years or more? The answer to that is rather 'simple': they are not really aliens, but our ancestors,...

The Once and Future God

by Wence Horak

To people who, for generations and generations, have been brought up believing this world was created in its present state by supernatural magic, a mere 6,000 years ago, this slight book will represent a bit...

Dissent 101

by Wence Horak

This publication proves good things do come in small packages. This one not only reveals the crippling flaws of democracy, introduced and maintained by plutocrats, flaws destroying the society and nature alike,...

Ancient Ecologists

by Wence Horak & Keana Texeira

Addicted to rather flawed concept of Darwinism, we tend to think even of climatic changes as slow, gradual processed. Yet the termination of the last Ice Age was fast and furious. It ended about 15,500 years...

Nostradamus: 2012 Events & Beyond

by Wence Horak & Keana Texeira

Almost 500 years ago Nostradamus reintroduced to the world prophecies, most like contained in the last of the twelve books of such predictions, once guarded for millennia by the Roman Sybils.

These books, by...