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Lone Star 91

by Wesley Ellis

They call them The Lone Star Legend. Jessica Starbuck - a magnificent woman of the West, fighting for justice on America's fromtier... Ki - the martial arts master sworn to protect her and the code she lived...

Lone Star 60

by Wesley Ellis

They call them The Lone Star Legend. Jessica Starbuck - a magnificent woman of the West, fighting for justice on America's fromtier... Ki - the martial arts master sworn to protect her and the code she lived...

Lone Star 89

by Wesley Ellis

Hell-Bound Train.How in tarnation could an entire train disappear into thin Nebraska air-along with the army payroll it was carrying? That's what Colonel Marshal Harrison wants to know.and he's asked the Lone...

Lone Star 115

by Wesley Ellis

When outlaws steal rancher Bruce Lewis' horses and kill his hired hand, he asks Jessie and Ki for help. But Ki is captured by a tribe of warring Paiutes, and the duo will need all their courage and smarts to...

Lone Star 124

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki blaze a deadly path to corner a pack of purebred killers! Six-City Shoot-Out! He's the blackhearted boss of the most ruthless stickup gang in the Strip-a lawless no-man's land where rules are made...

Lone Star 48

by Wesley Ellis

Dirty and Deadly. They may be British lords and bankers, but a cloak of respectability can't disguise their treacherous plot. The power-hungry businessmen are scheming to buy up all the land rights of the Wyoming...

Lone Star 62

by Wesley Ellis

In the shadow of the gallows. Skull Creek, Wyoming-an easy town to die in. As easy as buying a two-dollar pistol or a crooked judge. But who bought the twisted justice that would send Pete Bodie swinging from...

Lone Star 83

by Wesley Ellis

There is no such thing as a "routine" cattle drive, and this time is no exception for the Lone Star duo. Jessie and Ki must track down the killers of her trail boss while fending off Brave Buffalo and his Dog...

Lone Star 51

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie meets her match: El Matador. His name is Toro Sandoval, and Jessica Starbuck has never encountered a man with such a passionate spirit, or with such deadly charms. But Toro is secretly working for Mewxican...

Lone Star 17

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki go up against the biggest band of outlaws in the history of the West!

Lone Star 22

by Wesley Ellis

The Starbuck empire is in deep trouble. The raids and plunder are becoming routine. Rumors are being spread that Jessie is dead and her entire fortune is up for grabs. Who is behind it all? The notorious gambler...

Lone Star 25

by Wesley Ellis

Strange things are happening in the Starbuck mines. When Jebediah Baker, an old friend of Jessie's father, is hanged by a mob, and the Starbuck manager in the town of Mule is killed with dynamite tied around...

Lone star 143

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki saddle up and head for Wyoming, tracking a wild young man almost too far gone to be saved. But Jessie's had a hand in raising Billy, and she refuses to believe he's beyond hope. The trail leads...

Lone Star 151

by Wesley Ellis

A ruthless British industrialist doesn't worry Jessica Starbuck, but the mysterious assasin, the Scorpion, certainly does--especially since the Lone Star duo is next on his list. Jessie and Ki head for Galveston...

Lone Star 113

by Wesley Ellis

A Preacher's sacred mission becomes a trial by fire for Jessie and Ki.

Lone Star 141

by Wesley Ellis

The disappearance of a trusted ranch manager brings Jessie and Ki to Rock Canyon, Arizona Territory. They find a lawless town and learn the man they're searching for has been stealing from the Starbuck ranch....

Lone Star 10

by Wesley Ellis

In the rugged New Mexico Territory, Jessie and Ki battle fierce Indians involved in a sinister conspiracy.

Lone Star 77

by Wesley Ellis

One by one, the town's citizens are cashing in their chips, leaving grieving widows and gambling debts. It is up to Jessie and Ki to turn the tables on some crooked card sharks. But if the hustlers fight like...

Lone Star 01

by Wesley Ellis

When the cartel murdered Jessie Starbuck's father, they left behind the seed of their own destruction: a young Western beauty with a deep hunger for vengeance. Now word has reached Jessie that the conspirators...

Lone Star 129

by Wesley Ellis

When Jessie's old pal Lawson Blaine turns up dead-as-a-doornail, the Lone Star team saddles up to chase the cunning killer. But taking lives is not enough for this wiley criminal--so he swipes a hunk of gold...