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Lone Star 135

by Wesley Ellis

On the heels of two brutal murders, a Starbuck employee is washed down Idaho's Salmon River, filled with so much lead it's a wonder he could still float. Jessie and Ki vow to bring the killer to justice--but...

Lone Star 23

by Wesley Ellis

Jessica Starbuck: Marked for death. With Ki's help, Jessie tires to stop a secret plot to commit a murder - her own!

Lone Star 149

by Wesley Ellis

Center City becomes the scene for a showdown between the Liberty Saloon and Sister Angela and her Temperance Army. Always on the side of freedom, Jessie and Ki come to the aid of the bar's proprietor. But once...

Lone Star 114

by Wesley Ellis

The West Texas drought forces Jessie and Ki to drive the Starbuck herd far from home in search of water--and the trail cuts through Comanche territory. The water they do find is no good, the Indians are a constant...

Lone Star 66

by Wesley Ellis

A deadly double-threat awaits the Lone Star duo high in the Colorado Rockies. When Ki comes to the aid of a lovely lotus blossom from his past, the last thing he expects is to be stalked by a master of the martial...

Lone Star 34

by Wesley Ellis

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.Things were hot enough back at the Circle Star. The cartel's operatives were moving in on the Starbuck spread, and it took the grisly death of a hired assassin to move...

Lone Star 139

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki distrust old friend Malcom Birnam's new hired hands on sight, but before the Lone Star duo gets a chance to share these misgivings, Malcom is cut down in a hail of bullets. The next target is Malcom's...

Lone Star 137

by Wesley Ellis

Redemption, Colorado, is about as corrupt and violent as a goldmining town can get. There's a war raging for control of the rich Talisman lode, and when Jessie's friend gets in the way, he's murdered. Now the...

Lone Star 123

by Wesley Ellis

Greedy gold thieves are facing 14-karat trouble when they try to outgun the Lone Star duo. Jessi's riding her spread to pick up the scent of a hungry cougar, but she and Ki stumble onto the trail of an even...

Lone Star 111

by Wesley Ellis

A Texas town is in the grip of a brutal crime wave: cattle rustlings, stagecoach holdups, and even murder. Jessie and Ki want to stop the offenders dead in their tracks, but the town's formed a group of vigilantes....

Lone Star 65

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki ride with the James gang! Jesse James and his gang of raiders shot their way across the badlands leaving a savage trail of blood. Now the James brothers want to go straight, and they're calling...

Lone Star 119

by Wesley Ellis

Cutthroat Apaches are holding an entire Mexican town hostage for money, and unfortunately, Jessie and Ki forgot to bring along their moneybags. So they'll just have to buy the villagers' freedom with the cold...

Lone Star 117

by Wesley Ellis

The brutal Black Bandana Gang is wreaking havoc throughout the Nevada mining territory. When an old friend of Jessie's is slain, she and Ki vow to make the masked vermin pay. Ki must infiltrate the prison to...

Lone Star 86

by Wesley Ellis

Big trouble in the Big Bend.There's no finer piece of Texas than the stretch they call the Big Bend-that is, for outlaws, rustlers and gunslicks. So when Jessie and Ki head down to Ingot to help out a friend,...

Lone Star 61

by Wesley Ellis

Sabotage in the Skies.Professor Sperry was either a genius or a madman. Only people with a death wish tried to fly from San Francisco to St Louis by hot air balloon. If the Rockies or the desert didn't get you,...

Lone Star 96

by Wesley Ellis

The townsfolk of Fort Collins are scared out of their wits. Seems that people have reason to believe that there are witches roaming the Colorado mountains. There've been numerous sightings of a mysterious woman...

Lone Star 121

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki have no respect for selfish snakes who earn their money by selling rifles to an Indian nation hungry for scalps. They pick up the trail of the gun pirates, but not before Chief Running Wolf and...

Lone Star 127

by Wesley Ellis

Jessica Starbuck will never forget the vile man who killed her father. But to get to Boss Haley, Jessie and Ki have to go through the entire Brutus gang. Before they get even that far, however, Ki is thrown...

Lone Star 41

by Wesley Ellis

Jessie and Ki battle their strangest foe - a knight in shinin armor!

Lone Star 35

by Wesley Ellis

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a taste for whiskey in a tin cup, the troublesome Angela Halley has made off with a list of every member of the cartel that threatens the Starbuck empire. Who will get...