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Badge of Evil

by Whit Masterson

The Universal International film based on this outstanding American suspense-thriller stars Charles Heston, Janet Leigh and Orson Welles, who plays the part of a tough veteran cop whose reputation is at stake...

The Dark Fantastic

by Whit Masterson

The Death Ship moved slowly toward the land bringing a cargo of terror and a threat more deadly than a bomb. Only a handful of men and one woman could stop the annihilation of mankind.

A Shadow in the Wild

by Whit Masterson

At last - they had found their quarry. Gib put his field glasses to his eyes and the pilot held the copter motionless above the mountainside. Gib lowered the glasses, his expression stony. "Let's go down."


A Cry in the Night

by Whit Masterson

12:10 a.m. When he pulled the girl out of the darkened car his intentions were simple and terrible

2:30 a.m. The tough police lieutenant found that the stolen girl was his daughter

3:57 a.m. A Shore Patrolman...

Evil Come, Evil Go

by Whit Masterson

The newspapers called it the Crime of the Century. The extravagance was understandable. The crime would have made headlines had it happened to an ordinary citizen, but this blow had been struck at Andy Paxton....

Dead, She Was Beautiful

by Whit Masterson

So you're a divorce detective-it's a dirty business, but you operate as clean as you can. A rich man hires you to tail his wife, because he thinks she's cheating on him. She turns out to be the woman who cheated...

A Hammer in His Hand

by Whit Masterson

He was called the Werewolf. He was nameless, faceless, a man who gave no reasons and left no clues. But he had a hammer and hate and lust ... and he'd left eight women ravaged and screaming. The ninth victim...