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Insights: The Lord's Prayer: What the Bible Tells Us About the Lord's Prayer

by William Barclay

People know the words of the Lord's Prayer by heart. With the words repeated so often, the freshness and meaning begins to disappear. William Barclay goes right back to the original Biblical texts and translates...

Barclay on the Lectionary: Matthew, Year A: Matthew: Year a

by William Barclay

Based on the Sunday Lectionary, these inspiring and deeply insightful Barclay readings are ideal for worship leaders, individuals and groups. They are drawn from William Barclay's much-loved and ever-popular...

New Daily Study Bible: The Gospel of Matthew 1

by William Barclay

When Jesus called Matthew, as he sat in his office where he collected customs duty, he rose up and followed him and left everything behind him except one thing - his pen. Matthew was to become the chronicler...

Gospel of Luke

by William Barclay

New Testament Commentary on The Gospel of Luke by one of the world's best-loved Bible commentators, William Barclay. The Gospel of Luke has been called the loveliest book in the world. Compassionate and kind,...

The Acts of the Apostles

by William Barclay

Presents the history of the early Christian church. This title provides us with glimpses of the great moments in those years after Christ's death. It shows us how the characters and events relate to our lives....

Insights: Love: What the Bible Tells Us About Christian Love

by William Barclay

These insights show us the all-encompassing breadth of the love of God - for those who rest in the love of God and for those who spurn it. All are included in the vast and inclusive love of God. William Barclay...

Insights: Forgiveness: Wjat the Bible Tells Us About Forgiveness

by William Barclay

A fundamental tenet of Christianity is forgiveness, but that doesn't make it any easier. Barclay explores the key stories that New Testament has to offer on the theme of forgiveness, offering instruction, comfort...

Insights: Parables: What the Bible Tells Us About Jesus' Stories

by William Barclay

'Parables' are stories Jesus told using characters and events familiar to his audience. But parables are a special kind of story and Jesus used them for his special purposes. William Barclay unlocks these stories,...

Insights: Money: What the Bible Tells Us About Wealth and Possessions

by William Barclay

Money and wealth were as much an obsession in Biblical times as they are today, be it taxes, overturning tables in the temple, passing through the eyes of needles or forty pieces of silver, we all think we are...


by William Barclay

Jesus taught his disciples that to be in his company is the key to happiness. Then he was crucified. But his death was the beginning, not the end. This title offers insights that enable you to see life itself...

Christmas: What the Bible Tells Us about the Christmas Story

by William Barclay

People know the often-told story of Christmas so well that it is hard to hear or feel afresh the joy of the meaning of Christmas. This book features original Biblical texts.

Insights: Easter: What the Bible Tells Us About the Easter Story

by William Barclay

People know the often-told story of Easter so well that it is hard to hear or feel afresh the deep spiritual meaning of what Easter really means. William Barclay goes right back to the original Biblical texts...

Insights: Miracles: What the Bible Tells Us About Jesus' Miracles

by William Barclay

The miracles of Jesus fulfil multiple functions, not least as part of Christ's ministry. They are a demonstration of God's power and Jesus' love for people of all castes and gender. Here, William Barclay unveils...

A Barclay Prayer Book

by William Barclay

William Barclays' communicative, down-to-earth approach and sheer enthusiasm to his subject, inspire spirituality and faith among his readers. Here, he offers a companion to the "Daily Study Bible" and includes...

Introducing the Bible 25th Anniversary Edition

by William Barclay

William Barclay testifies to the Bible's unique value as an inspired book and gives clear advice on the best way to read it. He tells how the biblical writings came into being and finally gained acceptance as...