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When Fortune Frowns

by William H. H. White

The engrossing story of HMS Pandora, never before told in a historical novel, comes to life in this portrait of the crew that embarked in 1790 on an epic voyage to Tahiti to find and arrest the men who revolted...

The Greater the Honor

by William H. H. White

Baldwin and his shipmates are in for a rollicking adventure. Under Decatur's careful eye, the young men in his command learn to hand, reef, steer and fight!

The Evening Gun

by William H. H. White

The year is 1814, the final year of the War of 1812. With the Atlantic seaboard closed by the British blockade, Isaac Biggs, Jack Clements, and Jake Tate, fresh from their harrowing adventures in Canada, find...

A Press of Canvas

by William H. H. White

When the Anne is stopped by a British Royal Navy frigate, Isaac and several shipmates are forcibly pressed into service on the Orpheus, which is actively engaged in England's long-running war with France. Written...

In Pursuit of Glory

by William H. H. White

Oliver Baldwin, recently back from the Barbary Wars, sets sail in the U.S. frigate Chesapeake on a routine patrol. The patrol becomes anything but routine when the ship is confronted by the 50-gun HMS Leopard...