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Preaching Master Class: Lessons from Will Willimon's Five-Minute Preaching Workshop

by William H. Willimon & Noel A. Snyder

Preachers around the globe have come to rely on Will Willimon for insight and advice on the craft of preaching. For over a decade, Willimon has published his reflections in the Five-Minute Preaching Workshop,...

Resident Aliens: Life in the Christian Colony (Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition)

by Stanley Hauerwas & William H. Willimon

A vision of the Church as a colony, a holy people, a family standing for sharply focused values in a devalued world.

Thank God It's Thursday: Encountering Jesus at the Lord's Table as if for the Last Time

by William H. Willimon

Prepare for Easter and enter the holy mystery of Maundy Thursday-with Jesus as host at the table.

Incarnation: The Surprising Overlap of Heaven & Earth

by William H. Willimon

Heaven and earth interlock in the person of Jesus, a Jew from Nazareth.

Proclamation and Theology

by William H. Willimon

This first volume in the Abingdon Press series Horizons in Theology addresses the major concerns and questions for preaching as it intersects with theology. William H. Willimon, recognized as one of today's...

Worship as Pastoral Care

by William H. Willimon

Demonstrates how worship and pastoral care can be blended to sustain and enrich each other. Using insights gained from pastoral care and pastoral psychology, William H. Willimon explores what happens to people...

United Methodist Beliefs: A Brief Introduction

by William H. Willimon

This brief introduction spells out the major beliefs of the United Methodist Church in a clear, nontechnical style. William Willimon, the beloved United Methodist author, preacher, teacher, and bishop, discusses...

A Peculiar Prophet: William H. Willimon and the Art of Preaching

by William H. Willimon

There is no more trusted mentor of preachers in North American Christianity today than William H. Willimon. The author of over sixty books, a frequent preacher and teacher in pastors' schools and events, Willimon...

Conversations with Barth on Preaching

by William H. Willimon

One of today's greatest preacher-theologians engages one of the twentieth century's greatest teacher-theologians on the meaning of preaching.

Readers of William H. Willimon's many books have long found there...

Thank God It's Friday: Encountering the Seven Last Words from the Cross

by William H. Willimon

Christ's seven last words from the cross have long been a source of reflection, challenge, and soul-searching. These simple statements contain the full range of human emotions and divine self-revelation: grief,...

Who Will Be Saved?

by William H. Willimon

What does it mean to say that salvation is God's business, and God's alone?

"Who will be saved?" is almost always a question about them, and rarely about us. Thinking itself wrapped securely in the everlasting...

The Truth About God

by William H. Willimon

Two popular authors consider not only what the Ten Commandments say about the people who observe them, but what they say about God. They are not some set of universal rules-they simply offer ways for a certain...

Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love

by William H. Willimon

There is a distinctively Christian way to engage the so-called "outsider" and "stranger."

How Odd of God: Chosen for the Curious Vocation of Preaching

by William H. Willimon

Election is a strange word when used in theology. It brings to mind old debates about what God might or might not have done before the foundation of the world. But viewed apart from that historical baggage,...

The Holy Spirit

by Stanley Hauerwas & William H. Willimon

"Come, Holy Spirit!" is the first and last prayer of the church, our only hope in life and death.

Why I Am a United Methodist

by William H. Willimon

In seven chapters, Willimon examines United Methodism and the ways it has made and continues to make a difference in his life. In an inspiring and enlightening way, he writes of his pride in being part of a...

This We Believe: The Core of Wesleyan Faith and Practice

by William H. Willimon

Deepen your understanding of Methodism's core beliefs.

A Will to Lead and the Grace to Follow: Letters on Leadership from a Peculiar Prophet

by William H. Willimon

Throughout his time as bishop, Will Willimon has once a week sat down at his computer and tapped out short messages to the churches under his care. Sometimes his intention has been to comfort and console; sometimes...

Why Jesus?

by William H. Willimon

Why does the mysterious teacher from Nazareth still call and compel followers after 2,000 years?

Calling & Character

by William H. Willimon

In Calling & Character, Willimon lays out a clear and compelling picture of the pastoral life, one that will inform both those embarking on ordained ministry and those who have been in it for many years. He...