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Up Till Now

by William Shatner & David Fisher

"It is now Bill Shatner's universe---we just live in it."---New York Daily News

After almost sixty years as an actor, William Shatner has become one of the most beloved entertainers in the world. And it seems...

Captain's Blood

by William Shatner

Following the explosive events of Star Trek® Nemesis, the Romulan Star Empire is in disarray, and Ambassador Spock attempts to render aid by launching a last-ditch effort to reunify the Romulans with their...

Dark Victory

by William Shatner & Judith Reeves-Stevens

The Mirror Universe is a dark and twisted reflection of our own, where all that is noble and compassionate is instead cruel and barbaric. Now our universe has been invaded by that other reality's most feared...

Captain's Peril: Star Trek The Original Series

by John Peel, William Shatner & Judith Reeves-Stevens

The Dominion War is over. The Federation is at peace. What better time for two legendary starship captains to set aside the demands of duty and simply take some well-deserved time off?

But when James T. Kirk...


by William Shatner & David Fisher

Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner first crossed paths as actors on the set of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Little did they know that their next roles, in a new science fiction television series, would shape their...

William Shatner Presents: Man O' War

by William Shatner & Jaime Martinez Rodriguez

In the second issue of William Shatner's "Man O' War", diplomat Benton Hawkes is fighting mad and on his way to Mars. Someone is tampering with his life and he's determined to stop them. He just may be able...

William Shatner Presents: Man O' War

by William Shatner & Pat Broderick

Check out the new series created by William Shatner. See never before seen images from this series. In the near future, friction mounts between the Earth and its Martian colony. Only diplomat Benton Hawkes stands...

William Shatner Presents: Quest for Tomorrow

by William Shatner & Joey Mason

Bluewater introduces "Quest for Tomorrow," based off William Shatner's best selling series. Jim Endicott has grown up on the planet Wolfbane, but when he celebrates his 16th birthday, he finds himself hurled...

William Shatner Presents: Quest for Tomorrow

by William Shatner & Amer Moghrabi

Hurled from the world of his childhood, Jim Endacott is trapped with those hunting him, who seem to know more about him than he does. When he is brought down to Earth, will friends or enemies he doesn't know...

Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large

by William Shatner

You love William Shatner.

You admire his many and varied talents.

You appreciate his creativity and willingness to take risks.

You want to learn his master negotiation techniques.

You wish you could hang out...