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by Wimon Sainimnuan

An ageing tycoon wants to achieve immortality

by grafting his brain onto a younger body

— until he is challenged by his very clone.

At stake, there is more than the control of his business empire.

A Thai...

Lord of the land

by Wimon Sainimnuan

Against a background of frenzied land speculation

where all sorts of dirty tricks are par for the course,

who of Abbot Nian and Kharm the Medium

will emerge as the Lord of the Land?

The increasingly

heated competition...

Khoak Phranang

by Wimon Sainimnuan

What happens to common country folk

when they are caught in the jaws

of wayward religion and superstition?

This is what happens, at Khoak Phranang,

the epicentre of rural Thailand in the 1990s.

A short, droll...

The Medium

by Wimon Sainimnuan

One way out of crippling poverty

is by putting yourself at the service

of the spirits of the land

– folk credulity will do the rest.

Thus is born the Medium,

pitting himself against unethical Buddhist monks



by Wimon Sainimnuan

Monks, murder, money, miracles and mystifications.

Snakes galore and sleazy slitherings

intertwined with scandal, suicide and rape

in the central Thai village of Khoak Phranang

– the first of a celebrated...