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James: Faith in Action

by Chuck Christensen & Winnie Christensen

Put Some Muscle Behind Your Faith.

We live in a world characterized by instability, in-fighting, materialism, and words without actions. Sadly, no one is immune to these problems. Centuries ago, the apostle...

Acts 13-28: A Study of the Apostle Paul

by Chuck Christensen & Winnie Christensen

Thrive Under Pressure

The apostle Paul was one of the great world-changers of all time. After a dramatic conversion experience, the former persecutor of Christians became a devoted follower of Christ. In this...

Women Who Believed God

by Winnie Christensen

The Bible gives us story after story of ordinary women who, daring to trust God, influenced their families, influenced their families and communities. These women faced the same challenges we face today--poverty,...

Mark: God in Action

by Winnie Christensen & Chuck Christensen

Our Purposeful, Powerful Savior

Mark shows you Jesus Christ in action--a purposeful, powerful individual who addressed the personal needs of those he encountered and brought hope to hungry groups, demonstrating...

Women Who Achieved for God

by Winnie Christensen

The drive to succeed is a strong force in Western culture, and women are powerfully influenced by it. It is tempting to pursue triumphs that will impress the world, rather than achievements that will advance...

Acts 1-12: God Moves in the Early Church

by Chuck Christensen & Winnie Christensen

Discover the Power of Community

What is the biblical pattern for local church life? The book of Acts shows a community of joyful believers, empowered by the Holy Spirit, serving the Lord and one another. They...