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The Crisis

by Winston Churchill

Missouri was in a delicate position in the years leading up to the Civil War. The state had been forged by two streams of immigrants, one from the north and one from the south. As a result, half of it was in...

My Early Life: 1874-1904

by Winston Churchill & William Manchester

Here, in his own words, are the fascinating first thirty years in the life of one of the most provocative and compelling leaders of the twentieth century: Winston Churchill.

As a visionary, statesman, and historian,...

The Story of the Malakand Field Force

by Winston Churchill

The great statesman was also a Nobel Prize–winning author. His first book chronicles an 1897 British military campaign against the tribes of the Northwest Frontier, in the vicinity of modern Pakistan and Afghanistan....

London to Ladysmith & Ian Hamilton's March

by Winston Churchill

A vivid, personal account of the conditions under which the Boer War was fought, this volume contains dispatches the future statesman wrote in 1899 and 1900 as a newspaper correspondent.

The River War: An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan

by Winston Churchill

Churchill recounts the operations directed by Lord Kitchener on the Upper Nile from 1896 to 1899, offering valuable insights into a historic clash of Western and Arabic cultures.

A Far Country

by Winston Churchill

Though American author Winston Churchill often focused on historical events as inspiration for his novels, his later work more often explored the way that events conspired to shape his characters' opinions and...

A Modern Chronicle

by Winston Churchill

Deviating from the long line of strong and stoic male protagonists who featured in his other novels, American author Winston Churchill turns his attention to the fairer sex in the charming novel A Modern Chronicle...

The Inside of the Cup

by Winston Churchill

A renowned American novelist who is regarded as one of the foremost figures in the literary genre of naturalism, Winston Churchill often wrote about the clashes between upper-class and working-class groups in...

The Celebrity

by Winston Churchill

Not to be confused with his counterpart, the esteemed British statesman, American author Winston Churchill was a military man by training who gave up a promising career as an officer to pursue his dream of becoming...

Mr. Crewe's Career

by Winston Churchill

Think that the problem of large corporations exercising undue influence in the political sphere is a recent phenomenon? If so, think again. Mr. Crewe's Career, an eye-opening historical novel set in the early...


by Winston Churchill

Though he never achieved the level of political influence that his British namesake had, American author Winston Churchill also dabbled in politics in his longtime home state of New Hampshire. The novel Coniston...

Dr: A Play

by Winston Churchill

This thought-provoking play from American author Winston Churchill (not to be confused with the British prime minister of the same name) explores the changes in the social fabric of the United States that began...

The Dwelling-Place of Light

by Winston Churchill

American novelist Winston Churchill (who bore no known relation to the British statesman of the same name) was regarded as a master of realist literature, and his novels paint a remarkably vivid picture of the...

The Essential Winston Churchill Collection

by Winston Churchill

Compiled in one book, the essential collection of books by Winston Churchill:

The Celebrity


The Crisis

The Crossing

Dr. Jonathan (A Play)

The Dwelling Place of Light

An Essay On The American Contribution...


by Winston Churchill

The D-Day landings in Normandy on 6th June 1944 have been described as the greatest amphibious operation in the history of warfare. The scale was majestic; 5,000 ships, together with thousands of lesser craft...

An Essay on the American Contribution and the Democratic Idea

by Winston Churchill

Though often confused with the renowned British statesman of the same name, the Winston Churchill who penned this volume of essays was an American author who was one of the most popular writers of his era. Based...

A Traveller in War-Time

by Winston Churchill

The American novelist Winston Churchill (not to be confused with the British prime minister of the same name) was one of the most popular fiction writers of the early twentieth century. With World War I looming,...