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Kabbalah: El Poder de Cambiarlo Todo

by Yehuda Berg

A leading Kabbalist's rousing call to action on the current global crisis

Inteligencia angelical: Angel Intelligence

by Yehuda Berg

According to the teachings of Kabbalah, angels are the infrastructure of the universe, the invisible conduit that moves energy along. Some have existed forever: archangels, angels of the days of the week and...

Meditacion de un kabbalista: The Prayer of the Kabbalist

by Yehuda Berg

The Kabbalist prayer of Ana Becho’ach, or 42-Letter Name of God, is perhaps the most powerful prayer in the universe. Kabbalists believe that using this name as a tool literally taps into the energy of creation...

Reiniciando: Vencer la Depresion con el Poder de la Kabbalah

by Yehuda Berg

Those who suffer from depression know that their desire to experience the world is severely compromised by their condition, and although several prescription drugs exist to ameliorate these symptoms, none offer...

Reglas Espirituales de las Relaciones: Como la Kabbalah puede ayudar a tu alma gemela a encontrarte

by Yehuda Berg

Offering a more spiritual approach to finding a mate than the runaway bestseller The Rules, this book spells out a set of rules based not on games and manipulation but the timeless wisdom of Kabbalah. It describes...