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The Law of Success: In Sixteen Lessons

by Napoleon Hill

Originally published in 1928, this is the book that began Napoleon Hill's self-help odyssey. Hill queried dozens of people about the keys to their prosperity and organized his findings into 16 principles. Each...

The Complete Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen: 168 Fairy Tales in one volume

by Hans Christian Andersen

This book contains the complete Andersen’s 168 fairy tales and stories in the chronological order of their original publication. Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author and poet. Although a prolific writer...

Arthur Conan Doyle: The Complete Sherlock Holmes (all the novels and stories in one single volume)

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is the creation of Scottish born author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle....

The Sherlock Holmes Collection

by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Sherlock Holmes Collection features the legendary detective in all of his polymath glory. Arthur Conan Doyle took the mystery genre to the next level with his timeless creations, Holmes & Watson. 


Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems

by Edgar Allan Poe

This book contains the complete Edgar Allan Poe’s tales and poems —over 135 works— in the chronological order of their original publication. Some of the most notable are: Tales: • "The Fall of the House...

Black Beauty

by Anna Sewell

The Autobiography of a Horse

With fifty million copies sold, Black Beauty is one of the best-selling books of all time. Its message is universal and timeless: animals will serve humans well if they are treated...

The Complete Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft: At the Mountains of Madness, The Call of Cthulhu, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The Shadow over Innsmouth, ... Witch House, The Silver Key, The Temple…

by H. P. Lovecraft

Written between the years 1917 and 1935, this collection features Lovecraft's trademark fantastical creatures and supernatural thrills, as well as many horrific and cautionary science-fiction themes, that have...

The Richest Man in Babylon

by George S. Clason

Beloved by millions, this timeless classic holds the key to all you desire and everything you wish to accomplish. This is the book that reveals the secret to personal wealth. Countless readers have been helped...

The Detective Fiction Collection - Volume #1

by Gaston Leroux, R. Austin Freeman, William Le Queux & Wilkie Collins et al.

The Detective Fiction Collection brings together 28 of the greatest detective classics ever written, by the greatest authors to ever live. 


IN A GROVE, by Ry?nosuke Akutagawa

FANTOMAS, by Marcel Allain...

Gay Erotica Hard Time

by Tyler Mac

Gay Erotica Hard Time: homophobic young man undergoes a transformation

The Law: And Other Essays on Manifestation

by Neville Goddard

Can man decree a thing and have it come to pass? Most decidedly he can! Man has always decreed that which has appeared in his world and is today decreeing that which is appearing in his world and shall continue...

Think and Grow Rich - 1937 Original Masterpiece

by Napoleon Hill

The most famous of all teachers of success spent a fortune and the better part of a lifetime of effort to produce the Law of Success philosophy that forms the basis of his books and that is so powerfully summarized...

Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë’s most beloved novel describes the passionate love between the courageous orphan Jane Eyre and the brilliant, brooding, and domineering Rochester. The loneliness and cruelty of Jane’s childhood...

The H.P. Lovecraft Collection

by H.P. Lovecraft

The H.P. Lovecraft Collection brings together over 60 of the master storyteller's most chilling works. 


The Nameless City

The Festival

The Colour Out of Space

The Call of Cthulhu

The Dunwich Horror


Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen

Since its immediate success in 1813, Pride and Prejudice has remained one of the most popular novels in the English language. Jane Austen called this brilliant work “her own darling child” and its vivacious...

Poirot's Early Cases

by Agatha Christie

Poirot's Early Cases is a short story collection written by the master of mystery herself, Agatha Christie. In the collection, Christie charts some of the cases from Hercule Poirot's early career, before he...

Detective of the Occult

by Robert E. Howard

Steve Harrison is a police detective. His cases are not always easy but for sure very, very weird ... 

Robert E. Howard takes you on a mind-melting adventure into the weird world of the supernatural with the...


by John Buchan

An historical fiction set against the background of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745-46, this is the story of Alistair MacLean's adventures in England as he proceeds on his mission for Prince Charles Edward Stewart....

The Prophet

by Kahlil Gibran

The Prophet is a book of 26 prose poetry essays written in English by the Lebanese artist, philosopher and writer Kahlil Gibran. The prophet, Almustafa, has lived in the foreign city of Orphalese for 12 years...

The Greatest Science Fiction Works of Philip K. Dick

by Philip K. Dick

Musaicum Press presents to you a collection of the greatest science fiction works written by Philip K. Dick: Contents: Second Variety The Variable Man Adjustment Team The Hanging Stranger The Eyes Have It The...