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Everything Happens as It Does

by Albena Stambolova & Olga Nikolova

Winner of Contemporary Bulgarian Writers Contest, a novel weaving together seven protagonists to show that everything happens as it must.

The Cyclist Conspiracy

by Svetislav Basara & Randall A. Major

A novel about a secret Brotherhood that meet in dreams, believe the bicycle represents the soul, and smash clocks.

A Short Tale of Shame

by Angel Igov & Angela Rodel

A man tries to outrun his guilty by taking three hitchhikers1—all who know his daughter—to the coast.

The Ministry of Pain

by Dubravka Ugresic

Having fled the violent breakup of Yugoslavia, Tanja Lucic is now a professor of literature at the University of Amsterdam, where she teaches a class filled with other young Yugoslav exiles, most of whom earn...


by Dubravka Ugresic, Ellen Elias-Bursac & David Williams

•Initial print run will be 8,000 or higher.

•First novel in almost a decade from cult favorite Dubravka Ugresic.

•NBCC Finalist for early book from Open Letter (Karaoke Culture) bodes well for coverage of...

The Traitor's Niche

by Ismail Kadaré & John Hodgson


"Kadare is inevitably linked to Orwell and Kundera, but he is a far deeper ironist than the first, and a better storyteller than the second. He is a compellingly...

A Girl in Exile

by Ismail Kadaré & John Hodgson

  • Author Ismail Kadare is often touted as a potential recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and in 2005 he won the inaugural International Man Booker prize
  • A Girl in Exile is a book about learning to live...

  • Baba Yaga Laid an Egg

    by Dubravka Ugresic & Ellen Elias-Bursac

    According to Slavic myth, Baba Yaga is a witch who lives in a house built on chicken legs and kidnaps small children. In Baba Yaga Laid an Egg, internationally acclaimed writer Dubravka Ugresic takes the timeless...

    The Physics of Sorrow

    by Georgi Gospodinov & Angela Rodel

    Shortlisted for prizes around the world, Georgi Gospodinov's thrilling new novel is about physics, myths, and the power of stories.