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Creature Baby Animals

by Andrew Zuckerman

Learn baby animal names with kits, cubs, and ducklings. Andrew Zuckerman's eye-catching pictures of fascinating animals from around the world will enthrall young readers and teach baby animal names celebrating...

Stitched Gifts: 25 Sweet and Simple Embroidery Projects for Every Occasion

by Jessica Marquez

From Jessica Marquez, founder of the popular blog and shop Miniature Rhino, Stitched Gifts offers irresistible embroidery projects for every occasion—weddings, holidays, baby showers, anniversaries, or just...

Christmas Cookies: Reference to Go: 50 Delicious Holiday Confections

by Lou Seibert Pappas & Frankie Frankeny

Bake up a batch of festive winter treats! All of the traditional favorites—and some contemporary twists—are included in this handy ebook of easy-to-follow recipes, from classic gingerbread and spiced Lebkuchen,...

A Candy Kane Christmas

by Darby Chism

A Candy Kane Christmas is a family, Christian comedy. The story was originally written for the stage for Theatre On Main in Acworth Georgia in 2008. It was first published as a play with Pioneer Drama Services...

The Tower

by J.S. Frankel

Bill Lampkin doesn't have much of a life. He's in the hospital, abandoned by his father and decides to take a walk one night to escape the grim confines of his existence. During that nighttime stroll, he literally...

Ice Cream: Reference to Go

by Charity Ferreira, Lou Seibert Pappas & Mark Richards

Scoop up this irresistible ebook filled with tempting recipes for home-made ice creams and frozen treats!

My Father's Eyes: Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Love

by Sandra Lott

Is your life filled with darkness due to the consequences of your own wrong choices and bad attitude? Maybe it was due to the free will of others and you were hurt in the process. Are you looking for hope and...

The Athlete's Bible: Superman All the Time!

by Phil Parker

Phil Parker has been a Head Coach in the PAC Ten and Big Ten Conferences, and in the California Community College System, coaching Wrestling, a sport he excelled in at Iowa State University. After being widely...

Making Hayley

by Rhonda Jo Jones

MAKING HAYLEY is a fun story about making an old fashioned doll. In the days before manufactured dolls, mothers and daughters would make dolls along with clothes and quilts! In this story young Bryanna enjoys...

An Eagle's Flight: Second Edition

by Sandra Lott

The Eagle is a majestic bird; especially as you see it soaring high into the sky with its wings spread wide. The way eagles court each other, protect and raise there young is very much the same as how God is...

Top Ten Most Influential Christians Since the Apostles: Second Editon

by Ken Lambert

The Big Names of Christianity... Survey results are in. Today's Christians let us know who their Top 10 picks for influential Christian leaders are. The results are telling. Which self-professed Christians made...

Saint Brigid's Bones: A Celtic Adventure

by Philip Freeman

In an evocative Celtic novel set in a time when druids roamed the land, lively young sister Deirdre embarks on a mission to find the stolen bones of her convent’s patron saint In ancient Ireland, an island...

Riders on the Storm: A Sam McCain Mystery

by Ed Gorman

1967: A brutal murder in the midst of an anti-Vietnam War group sparks an investigation by Sam McCain, in Ed Gorman’s most politically charged mystery yet. When we last saw Sam McCain he had been drafted to...

Give Me Liberty: Speakers and Speeches that Have Shaped America

by Christopher L. Webber

Sure to become a classic of American oratorical history, ?Give Me Liberty reveals the enduring power of America's quest for a freer and more just society, and the context of the speeches and speakers—from...

The Covenant Stone

by Stacey Price Brown

The Covenant Stone retells and masterfully connects many familiar biblical stories. King Solomon had a magic ring infused with the power of God, The Covenant Stone. The ring has great power to control demons...

Catie's Secret

by Laura Allen Nonemaker

Catie Caterpillar looks different from any bug Herbie and Bella have ever seen. When Herbie makes fun of Catie, Mayor Benny shows him why he should not judge anyone by how they look. In the end, Catie reveals...

Your Defining Moment, Second Edition: When God takes you to center-stage and exposes the greatness that He has placed inside of you

by Mark A. Grant

Have you ever had a significant moment simply slips by you in life? A priceless and life-altering moment in which you should have done or said something that would have aligned your purpose and destiny in any...

Nineteen Days: Wrestling with God in the Death of My Son

by Daniel Parkins

What happens inside us as we experience the agony of the loss of a child? When the loss of it grieves you at first, and then, as time passes, doesn't seem to go away but comes in waves upon waves? Tragedy befalls...

A Special Purpose

by J. Ann Hoffman & Londene

Then, Jane cried out. She looked at Joe, and his fingers had turned bright red. "So are you!" he replied to Jane. Everything around them was changing colors, and the wind was growing colder. Even the robins...

Denied! Second Ediiton: An Immigration Story of Faith and Hope

by Keith E. Campbell

“Denied!” is an eye-opening story of an intercultural couple’s 10-year, bitter fight to stay together. Despite their best efforts to follow proper procedure, the United States government failed them at three...