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by Mac Barnett & Jen Corace

It's time to fly home for dinner! In this witty picture book from award-winning and bestselling author Mac Barnett, a mother bird gives the bird next to her a message for little Peter. But passing messages on...

101 Law Forms for Personal Use

by Editors Of Nolo

101 Law Forms for Personal Use gives you forms and step by step instructions to cover the legal issues you're most likely to face every day. . bills of sale for buying and selling personal property . promissory...

The Inequality Hoax

by James Piereson

The controversy over inequality has gathered steam with the publication of Thomas Piketty’s new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, a dense work of economic history that documents the rise of income...

Signs of Life

by Mark Mosier

Come ride along with the crew from Station 4. You'll respond to heart attacks, gunshot victims, and major car crashes all in a non-stop heart pounding pace. Lives will be changed, lives will be lost and lives...

100 Ways to Know You a Nigga: Color Don't Make You a Nigga Ignorance Does

by Mr.Stev

This book provides in a comical way that being a nigga has nothing to do with color, But by the ignorance we have within. Born in Chicago raised in Indiana and Chicago, Racism was everywhere. Now that I am an...

Diversity the Brazilian Essence: Knowing Brazil By the Culture of Their People

by Paulo Franco

The author got putting together in this work an original and well selected context that help us understanding who they are and how modern brazilian people live. In a light language this book make us getting...

You Think You Can Drive!

by E. M. Williams

Easy reading for individuals to create thoughts regarding their driving habits. This guidebook was written in an attempt to make the highways safer by asking the readers to take care while behind the wheel of...

Stop Acne Now: This Is Me and This Is My Secret On How to Treat Acne

by Kelly Carston

This is 9-year summary of my experience how to get rid of acne forever. In this book are 3 easy step description of how to treat acne. How do not spend allot of money and time and get the result.

Digging Out the Wells: My All I Give to You

by Tamma M. Jones

A Woman In Travail I was first conceived in the mind of God, Then He chose His parents for me, He took His thought and placed me inside her womb. I lay inside dormant to her existence, but alive to my purpose,...

Inspirational Thoughts

by Fountain Hendricks

You cannot have a new day, a new week, a new month without a new mind. If you do not have a new mind then experiencing a new day is impossible. Without a new mind that is filled with new thoughts you will just...

Crushing the SAT

by Lawrence Silverman

Crushing the SAT is the ultimate SAT strategy and test anxiety guide. Improving vocabulary, studying math, and drilling grammar are helpful, but realistically take years to master. If you only have a few months...

Love Never Ends

by Richard E. Robinson

John Elliot had to make a decision. The young woman, Cindy, who had consulted him several times and whom he found attractive, told him she had leukemia with only a few years to live. He decided he wanted to...

Healing Myself, One Rhyme At a Time

by Donna Sivoli

Healing Myself, One Rhyme at a Time presents a collection of poetry by Donna Sivoli. She began writing as a small girl when she discovered that it wasn't easy to express her thoughts and feelings in her childhood...

Groundbreaking Interventions: Working With Traumatized Children, Teens and Families In Foster Care and Adoption

by MA MFT, Jeanette Yoffe

A book of 18 interventions designed to teach new and imaginative ways for working with traumatized children in foster care and adoption and their families. Groundbreaking Interventions provides a wide variety...

As You Age: How to Avoid Legal and Financial Fears As You Age

by David Wingate

Our goal is to have you or your loved one live well and be as independent as possible. We desire you to feel secure, enhance your quality of life and ultimately have peace of mind. You may need some guidance...

Things I Learned In School

by Connie Masters

A unique look into the field of school psychology through the vision of Connie Masters. We follow as Connie learns to see each child as an individual needing help within the large and public system of a school....

Nerves On Fire: World War II Pacific Paintings

by George Klauba

World War II cast a long shadow. Virtually every family had a member who was carried by the wings of history over the oceans into worlds of danger, boredom, and mind-wrenching emotion, toward the prospect of...

Light Unto My Path: Forty Biblical Reflections

by Fr. Victor Abimbola Amole

Christians are those who listen and hear the Word of God. In Light unto My Path, author Fr. Victor Abimbola Amole offers forty clear and engaging essays based on biblical themes that directly reflect on the...

Elizabeth's Trials

by Barbara Wilhelm

Elizabeth's saga continues..... In 1498, Duchess of Bedford Elizabeth Smithfield Holt and her husband, Lord Andrew Holt, heir to the Earl of Northampton, are happily raising their three children. They rejoice...

King of Sprinkler Lane: A Charmed Life

by Michael R. Gardner

A humorous memoir about a mischievous kid who, through relentless efforts by his parents, Jesuit teachers and wife succeeds as a U.S. Ambassador, lawyer, author, Georgetown professor and four-time Presidential...