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The War Plans of the Great Powers (RLE The First World War): 1880-1914

by Paul Kennedy

The origins of the First World War remain one of the greatest twentieth century historical controversies. In this debate the role of military planning in particular and of militarism in general, are a key focus...

Transformative Change and Real Utopias in Early Childhood Education: A story of democracy, experimentation and potentiality

by Peter Moss

Early childhood education and care is a major policy issue for national governments and international organisations. This book contests two stories, both infused by neoliberal thinking, that dominate early childhood...

Environmental Health and Safety Audits

by Lawrence B. Cahill

This new edition of Environmental Health and Safety Audits not only will help you put your company on course toward effective environmental compliance, but also now brings you up to date on changes in EPA and...

Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings: Methodological issues, international perspectives and practical solutions

by Simone White & Michael Corbett

Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings is a much-needed guide for educational researchers whose research interests are located outside metropolitan areas in places that are generically considered to be...

Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism

by Sheila Jeffreys

It is only recently that transgenderism has been accepted as a disorder for which treatment is available. In the 1990s, a political movement of transgender activism coalesced to campaign for transgender rights....

Extravagant Expectations: New Ways To Find Romantic Love In America

by Paul Hollander

In Extravagant Expectations Paul Hollander investigates how Americans now pursue romantic partners and enduring relationships. Analyzing printed advertisements (personals), dating sites, and the advice offered...

Greyhound Racing And Breeding (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic)

by A. Croxton-Smith

GREYHOUND RACING AND BREEDING By A. Croxton Smith A VINTAGE DOG BOOKS CLASSIC REPRINT This scarce early work on greyhound racing and breeding was originally published in 1927. It is now very hard to find in...

This Great Struggle: America's Civil War

by Steven E. Woodworth

Referring to the war that was raging across parts of the American landscape, Abraham Lincoln told Congress in 1862, "We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope on earth." Lincoln recognized what...


by Michael Cassata

The government issues your Past Lives Letter the first week of senior year. Just as fingerprints identify us in this life, palm prints track our past lives. Trenton Locke, on the heels of dealing with the class...


by Catherine LaCroix

Josselyn Thorn, born a fabled Whisper, finds herself accused of a murder she did not commit. Having received word of her predicament, Lord Adrien Markov pays to have Josselyn released, and offers every comfort...

Emma Goldman

by Kathy E. Ferguson

Emma Goldman has often been read for her colorful life story, her lively if troubled sex life, and her wide-ranging political activism. Few have taken her seriously as a political thinker, even though in her...

Noa Says... 1

by Jordan Packham

Noa Says... 1 - /n/: 'Noa Says' is a series of books that focus on phonemes, the smallest parts of spoken words (ex. the word 'cat' has three phoneme sounds: /k/, /a/, and /t/). This book focuses on the phoneme...

Allies at Odds: America, Europe, and Vietnam, 1961 1968

by Eugenie M. Blang

Allies at Odds examines America's Vietnam policy from 1961 to 1968 in an international context by focusing on the United States' relationship with its European partners France, West Germany, and Great Britain....


by Eleanor H. Porter

The young orphan Pollyanna is sent to live with her stern Aunt in a dour New England town. Refusing to be cast down by her circumstances, Pollyanna begins teaching the town "the glad game", which her father...

Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture: Advertising's Impact on American Character and Society

by Arthur Asa Berger

Now in its fourth edition, the popular Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture is an engaging cultural studies critique of contemporary advertising and its impacts on American society. Arthur Asa Berger looks at marketing...

Pan-Asianism: A Documentary History, 1920-Present

by Sven Saaler

Pan-Asianism has been an ideal of Asian solidarity, regional cooperation, and regional integration but also served to justify expansionism and aggression. As such, it has been a decisive factor in the history...

The Obama Presidency in the Constitutional Order: A First Look

by Carol McNamara

The Obama administration is shaping up to be one of the most consequential in recent American history. In this book, a diverse group of presidential scholars step back from the partisan debate to consider the...

Framing Class: Media Representations of Wealth and Poverty in America

by Diana Kendall

Framing Class introduces students to the concepts of class and media framing, examining how the media portray various social classes, from the elite to the very poor. Fully revised and updated, the second edition...

Nursing Programs 2015

by Peterson's

Peterson's Nursing Programs 2015 features profiles of more than 3,600 undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programs at hundreds of institutions in the United States and Canada. The only nursing guide published...

Health and Wealth Disparities in the United States

by Anupam B. Jena

Traditional measures of economic disparities among Americans of different race, gender, geographic location, and education level consider only material well-being, so that making two groups economically "equal"...