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Coward Plays: 8: I'll Leave it to You; The Young Idea; This Was a Man

by No¿l Coward

This anthology contains three of Coward's early plays: "I'll Leave it

to You"; "The Young Idea"; and "This Was a Man". The first two of the

plays - the first of Coward's to ever be produced - were


The Notebooks Of Edward Bond: Volume: 1980-1995

by Edward Bond

This second volume of Edward Bond's notebooks explores the meeting point between politics and the art of the writer. His notes chart the creative process of some of his most recent work, his involvment in theatre-in-education...

Coward Plays: 5: Relative Values; Look After Lulu; Waiting in the Wings; Suite in Three Keys

by No¿l Coward

The fifth volume in the Coward Collection, containing Coward's best work from the last two decades of his life.

De Filippo Four Plays: The Local Authority; Grand Magic; Filumena; Marturano

by Eduardo De Filippo, Carlo Ardito & Peter Tinniswood

These plays include "Napoli Milionaria" produced at the Royal National Theatre in 1991. Eduardo De Filippo was one of Italy's leading popular dramatists. His plays focus on the lives of the Neapolitan people,...

Lorca Plays: 2: Shoemaker's Wife;Don Perlimplin;Puppet Play of Don Christobel;Butterfly's Evil Spell;When 5 Years

by Federico Garcia Lorca & Gwynne Edwards

This is the second collection of five plays by the Spanish dramatist (1898-1936) who was murdered by Spanish Nationalists in 1936.

Coward Revue Sketches

by No¿l Coward

In the 1920s and 1930s, No��l Coward mastered and defined the art of the

revue sketch, short and often topical or satirical stage pieces. This

volume collects Coward's best and most witty pieces.

Behn Five Plays

by Aphra Behn & Maureen Duffy

Published to mark the tercentenary of Aphra Behn's death, this collection contains five varied plays including "The Lucky Chance" and "The Rover". It is edited by a well-known novelist who has also written a...

Lorca Plays: 3: The Public; Play without a Title; Mariana Pineda

by Federico Garcia Lorca & Gwynne Edwards

This collection includes two of Lorca's most notorious late works, "The Public", his only openly homosexual drama and "Play without a Title", set in the world of the theatre, as well as the historical folk play...

Lady Windermere's Fan

by Oscar Wilde & Ian Small

This book provides commentary notes alongside the play text of Wilde's first successful society comedy of late Victorian society and is an account of the play's historical, social and theatrical context.

The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde & Russell Jackson

Play script, including biographical notes, textual details and information about the staging of the play.

The Alchemist

by Ben Jonson & Elizabeth Cook

The play script of Jonson's satirical farce, including an extensive introduction, with biographical notes and information about the staging of the play, as well as detailed notes beneath the text on each page....

Doctor Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe, Roma Gill & Ros King

Dr Faustus is a highly popular text, this student edition uses the A text, widely excepted as the most authentic published edition. Fully revised by leading Renaissance scholar, Ros King, it contains a completely...


by V.C. Andrews

Star hides her pain, like the other girls in the therapy group that's supposed to help them. But she knows how she feels deep in her heart. Even though her mother and father are still alive, they are dead to...

Shakespeare And The Victorians

by Adrian Poole

Adrian Poole examines the Victorian's obsession with Shakespeare, his impact upon the era's consciousness, and the expression of this in their drama, novels and poetry. The book features detailed discussion...

Vincent River

by Philip Ridley

Davey has seen something he can't forget. Anita has been forced to flee her home. These two have never met. Tonight their paths cross with devastating consequences. Vincent River received its West End premiere...

Shakespeare And Comedy

by Robert Maslen

Comedy was at the centre of a critical storm that raged throughout the early modern period. Shakespeare's plays made capital of this controversy. In them he deliberately invokes the case against comedy made...

The Theatre and Films of Martin McDonagh

by Patrick Lonergan

The Theatre and Films of Martin McDonagh provides a definitive account of the career to date of this important world dramatist. It combines an analysis of all of his work with interviews, critical essays and...

Shakespeare and Renaissance Politics

by Andrew Hadfield

Shakespeare, like many of his contemporaries, was concerned with the question of the succession and the legitimacy of the monarch. From the early plays through the histories to Hamlet, Shakespeare's work is...

A Woman Killed With Kindness: Revised edition

by Thomas Heywood & Frances E. Dolan

A play about adultery, guilt and forgiveness. It concerns an act of sexual

betrayal that precipitates not only the collapse of a marriage but a

series of moral struggles in which every character is caught up,...

The World Bank and Global Managerialism

by Jonathan Murphy

In recent years, a great deal of scholarly and popular ink has been spilled on the subject of globalization. Relatively few scholars have addressed the political sociology of globalization, and specifically,...