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Song of Scarabaeus

by Sara Creasy

Trained since childhood in advanced biocyph seed technology by the all-powerful Crib empire, Edie's mission is to terraform alien worlds while her masters bleed the outlawed Fringe populations dry. When renegade...

Theodore Roosevelt's History of the United States: His Own Words, Selected and Arranged by Daniel Ruddy

by Daniel Ruddy

Theodore Roosevelt's ideas about the nation's early days and his own times can be found sprinkled throughout his voluminous writings, but these "pearls of thought" (as one of his book reviewers described them...

When We Were Strangers: A Novel

by Pamela Schoenewaldt


"If you leave Opi, you'll die with strangers," Irma Vitale's mother always warned. Even after her beloved mother's passing, 20-year-old Irma longs to stay in her Abruzzo mountain village, plying...

Travels Along the Edge: 40 Ultimate Adventures for the Modern Nomad--From Crossing the Sahara to Bicycli  ng Through Vietnam

by David Noland

A travel writer describes in detail forty of the world's most singular and offbeat travel adventures, from paddling by sea kayak around the fjords of Greenland to an elephant safari through Botswana, detailing...

Red Midnight

by Ben Mikaelsen

When guerrilla soldiers strike Santiago's village, they destroy everything in their path -- including his home and family. Santiago and his four-year-old sister escape, running for their lives. But the only...

How to Keep Him on a Short Leash

by Partners & Spade, Jessica Rubin & Lindsey Musante

Training a man is really no different than training a canine. It just takes time, reinforced behavior, and a firm grasp of when to use the carrot and when to use the stick.

Simply follow the 50 tips in this book...

Paradise Under Glass: An Amateur Creates a Conservatory Garden

by Ruth Kassinger

Like many baby boomers in middle age, Ruth Kassinger was at an emotional crossroads. Confronted with the death of a beloved sister, her children's departure for college, and her own recent battle with breast...

How to Stay Out of the Doghouse

by Partners & Spade, Josh Rubin & Jason Musante

As men, we can’t help ending up in the doghouse for simply following our natural instincts.

But follow the 50 tips in this book, and you’ll spend less time out in the cold and more time getting scratches...

Rider Haggard Collection - Ayesha Series

by Sir Henry Rider Haggard

Collection containing the complete Ayesha series: She, Ayesha: The Return of She; She and Allan; Wisdom's Daughter: The Life and Love Story of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed.

You're Not the Boss of Me: Brat-proofing Your Four- to Twelve-Year-Old Child

by Betsy Brown Braun

"Save me! My child is acting like a brat!"

What parent hasn't thought her child was a brat at one point or another? Whether your child really is a brat, is at risk of becoming one, or is simply trying to grow...


by T. Lotti, J. Hercogova, R.A. Schwartz & A.M. D’Erme et al.

Vitiligo is still a stigmatizing and enigmatic spectrum of disorders in which too much contradictory data and too many hypotheses are still confusing the scientific community and the patients who are seeking...

The Upper Hand: How to Read and Influence People without Them Noticing

by Henrik Fexeus & Jan Salomonsson

In short, this book will give you the upper hand by teaching how to interpret and use body signals.

Death of a Carpet Dealer

by Karin Wahlberg & Neil Betteridge

The murder of a Swedish carpet-dealer on a business trip to Turkey is the start of this international crime novel.

Killer's Island

by Anna Jansson & Enar Henning Koch

Ritualistic murders by an omnipresent killer occur in the medieval and mythical town Visby, on the island Gotland.

Grappa: Italy Bottled

by Ove Boudin & Megan Lynch

”The world’s best drink book” contains everything about the Italian spirit grappa with beautiful photos by Europe’s #1 grappa expert.

The Oligarchs: Money and Power in Capitalist Russia

by Claes Ericson & Hugh Rodwell

The story about extreme money and power in the world’s boldest capitalist experiment, where some young men became immensely rich.

The Body Machines: Futurica Trilogy 3

by Alexander Bard & Jan Soderqvist

Philosophy and forecasting of world events—in The Futurica Trilogy’s final episode we reach the age of the Body Machines.

The Futurica Trilogy

by Alexander Bard & Jan Soderqvist

The Futurica Trilogy is a work of philosophy, sociology and futurology in three closely related movements.

Yesterday's News

by Kajsa Ingemarsson

Love, tears and humor are ingredients in Sweden’s #1 feel-good novel, set in the restaurant world of Stockholm.

The Global Empire: Futurica Trilogy 2

by Alexander Bard & Jan Soderqvist

The Global Empire deals very thoroughly with the struggle to form new, functioning ideologies for the emerging, digital future.