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Software Specification Methods

by Henri Habrias & Marc Frappier

This title provides a clear overview of the main methods, and has a practical focus that allows the reader to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. The following are just some of the techniques covered:...

Analysis and Control of Linear Systems

by Philippe de Larminat

Automation of linear systems is a fundamental and essential theory. This book deals with the theory of continuous-state automated systems.

Organic Materials in Civil Engineering

by Yves Mouton

This book provides an inventory of organic materials and products, the major components of all civil engineering projects, in terms of their scientific and technical background, including the regulations that...

Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Measurement

by Dominique Placko

This title presents the general principles of instrumentation processes. It explains the theoretical analysis of physical phenomena used by standard sensors and transducers to transform a physical value into...

Channel Coding in Communication Networks: From Theory to Turbocodes

by Alain Glavieux

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the subject of channel coding. It starts with a description of information theory, focusing on the quantitative measurement of information and introducing two fundamental...

Discipline-Centered Learning Communities: Creating Connections Among Students, Faculty, and Curricula: New Directions for Teaching and Learning, Numbe

by Kimberly Buch & Kenneth E. Barron

Take an in depth look at discipline-centered learning communities. Using psychology as an example, this issue provides prescriptive advice for those interested in developing a learning community in any academic...

Wavelets and their Applications

by Michel Misiti, Yves Misiti & Georges Oppenheim

The last 15 years have seen an explosion of interest in wavelets with applications in fields such as image compression, turbulence, human vision, radar and earthquake prediction.

Wavelets represent an area that...

Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere: 5 Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication

by Gayle Cotton

The five steps to successful selling, negotiating, and managing multi-culturally

Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere gives readers five simple key guidelines to create rapport and organize strategies for success...

Seismic Vulnerability of Structures

by Philippe Gueguen

This book is focused on the seismic vulnerability assessment methods, applied to existing buildings, describing several behaviors and new approaches for assessment on a large scale (urban area).

It is clear that...

Reverse Engineering in Control Design

by Daniel Alazard

Reverse Engineering in Control Design proposes practical approaches to building a standard H-infinity problem taking into account an initial controller. Such approaches allow us to mix various control objectives...

Fundamentals of Acoustics

by Michel Bruneau, Thomas Scelo & Socit Franaise d'Acoustique

The central theme of the chapters is acoustic propagation in fluid media, dissipative or non-dissipative, homogeneous or nonhomogeneous, infinite or limited, placing particular emphasis on the theoretical formulation...

Multiscales Geomechanics: From Soil to Engineering Projects

by Pierre-Yves Hicher

This book addresses the latest issues in multiscale geomechanics. Written by leading experts in the field as a tribute to Jean Biarez (1927-2006), it can be of great use and interest to researchers and engineers...

Inverse Problems in Vision and 3D Tomography

by Ali Mohamad-Djafari

The concept of an inverse problem is a familiar one to most scientists and engineers, particularly in the field of signal and image processing, imaging systems (medical, geophysical, industrial non-destructive...

Chemical and Biological Microsensors: Applications in Fluid Media

by Pierre Fabry & Jacques Fouletier

This book reviews the state of art in the field of chemical sensors for analyses of ionic or molecular species dissolved in liquid media, mainly in aqueous solutions. The transduction of such devices is based...

Let's Close a Deal: Turn Contacts Into Paying Customers for Your Company, Product, Service or Cause

by Christine Clifford

Close deals with major corporations, organizations or individuals who can propel your business to the next level

When you think about it, our entire lives revolve around selling. Whether we sell as part of our...

The Ecology of College Readiness: ASHE Higher Education Report Volume 38, Number 5

by Karen D. Arnold, Elissa C. Lu & Kelli J. Armstrong

Despite extensive research, policies, and practical efforts to improve college readiness in the United States, a large proportion of low-income students remain unprepared to enter and succeed in higher education....

Superman and Philosophy: What Would the Man of Steel Do

by William Irwin & Mark D. White

Go beyond the cape and into the mind of the Man of Steel, in time for release of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel movie and Superman's 75th anniversary

He has thrilled millions for 75 years, with a legacy that transcends...

Designing and Building with Uhpfrc

by Jacques Resplendino & Fran?ois Toulemonde

This book contains the proceedings of the international workshop “Designing and Building with Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC): State of the Art and Development”, organized by AFGC,...

Ultra Wide Band Antennas

by Xavier Begaud

Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB) has reached a level of maturity that allows us to offer wireless links with either high or low data rates. These wireless links are frequently associated with a location capability...

Mathematics for Informatics and Computer Science

by Pierre Audibert

How many ways do exist to mix different ingredients, how many chances to win a gambling game, how many possible paths going from one place to another in a network ? To this kind of questions Mathematics applied...